PSCMIL001 - Milito - The Ancient Warfare Card Game

Milito by Martin Wallace

Refight battles between great armies of the Ancient World!

Milito is a card-based, diceless wargame by Martin Wallace, putting you at the head of an Ancient army, making the key tactical decisions that will win or lose you the battle.


Commanding a combination of troops unique to your own army you’ll play unit cards to take control of the battlefield. Skirmish with light troops to hold the enemy at bay, use your cavalry’s manoeuvrability to your advantage, and advance your units of well-armoured infantry to drive the enemy away. Flank attacks and army-specific leaders provide further tactical depth. Choose the right moment to commit your best units into the battle line and capture three terrain areas to win the game.

Each card in your hand represents one of your army’s units, which has the same strengths and weaknesses as its historical counterpart. Units are rated for speed, attack strength, defence strength, and other modifiers based on battlefield performance. Leader cards offer combat and placement bonuses and have their own special abilities – but be warned that not every leader card is an Alexander or Hannibal!

Milito includes a rulebook and 195 cards (featuring six armies of 31 cards each and a set of 9 terrain cards). The armies included in Milito are:

Achaemenid Persian
Alexandrian Macedonian
Ancient British
Imperial Roman
Republican Roman

Milito - The Ancient Warfare Card Game

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