BP1702 - ACP 164: The Albedo Miniatures Game

Full colour, 114 page, softback A4 rulebook containing all the rules that you need to bring the world of Albedo Anthropomorphics to life on your tabletop.


ACP164 can be played with as few as 4 figures per side up to company sized engagements with 50+ figures and supporting vehicles and flyers.

ACP164 The Albedo Miniatures Game, provides the rules for playing skirmishes in the science fiction setting of Steve Gallacci’s Albedo comics.

Albedo is a hard science comic, featuring anthropomorphic animals or “critters” in a universe apparently created just for them. The opposing factions in this universe are the Independent Lapine Republic (ILR), which is a society dedicated to advancing the causes of rabbits. They are engaged in a war of expansion against everyone else, which has forced the creation of the ConFed, or Confederation of Planets. The ConFed is represented in firefights by two different forces, the Home Guard, who maintain security on individual planets, and the Extra-Planetary Defence Force (EDF), an elite force dedicated to defending systems and recapturing systems taken by the ILR. EDF forces consist of “critters” ranging from squirrels to bears and rhinoceroses.

The Albedo universe, and campaigns to be played using these rules, are described in the separate Source and Campaign Books. You do not need to know about it for the purpose of this book, but it will be helpful for understanding the rules in context. The Full Rules (Sections three and beyond) expand on the Quick Start Rules, adding more features and detail. Players can incorporate aspects of the Full Rules at their own pace, adjusting the complexity of the game to suit their tastes. In a half hour you will be able to play your first skirmish.

The Quick Start Rules describe infantry combat. The Full Rules describe additional aspects of the game, including higher levels of individuality and resolution for infantry combat as well as vehicle combat. The mechanics of Albedo Combat Patrol are innovative, unique and intuitive and the  Quick Start Rules section will get players proficient with the basic rules very quickly.

ACP 164: The Albedo Miniatures Game

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