BP1703 - ACP164: Sourcebook

Full colour, 64 page, softback A4 system agnostic sourcebook containing the background material for gaming in the Albedo Universe.

The source book can be used with the ACP164 Miniatures game, the Albedo RPGs or any other Sci-Fi RPG such as Traveller, Gamma World, Space Opera etc..


This is the ACP164 Campaign Sourcebook. You do not need to read it to play the game, but if you want to know why furry critters are fighting each other, or how they travel between planets, or even more about the ILR, ConFed and EDF – that is in this book.

The first section of the book covers the background of the Albedo universe, and talks about Critters, Society and life in general.

The second section covers what has become known as “The First Lapine War”.

The third section is about the structure and organisation of militaries in the Albedo universe.

ACP164: Sourcebook

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