652210204 - Judge Dredd: Citi-Def

The rank and le CitiDef trooper is a volunteer drawn from the block population who agrees to spend at least one day a month attending CitiDef training and orientation meetings. All are given basic training in squad tactics and care and maintenance of personal weapons. They are issued with a ballistic shell suit and assigned a weapon that must be returned to the armoury at the end of any training event. However, such is the popularity of the CitiDef to certain ‘warcrazy’ individuals that CitiDef captains can hold meetings on a weekly or even daily basis, some even allow their enthusiastic followers to take their weapons home between sessions – an oence with a mandatory sentence of no less than two years per count if the Judges nd out.

Contains 6 figures on foot, in Warlord Resin

Model supplied unassembled and unpainted

Judge Dredd: Citi-Def

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