SGVX003 - Stargrave Bestiary selection

We will be releasing the official Stargrave models to fill out the Bestiary in time, but to get cracking on playing we've looked through the Frostgrave + Rogue Stars ranges for possible proxies.

We've come up with a fair selection:

Dedfurd: Frostgrave Giant Frog

Ryakan: Ghost Archipelago Giant Bat

Warp Hound: Frostgrave Chronohound

Magmite: Frostgrave Magmite (same gribblie)

Porigota: Frostgrave Mantodeus

Gaunch: Frostgrave Nullman

Warbot: Rogue Stars Robot

All the models are 28mm sized metal figures, supplied unpainted.

We will remove this selection once the official models are released, you can always buy them from their original ranges of course.



Stargrave Bestiary selection

Our Price: £25.00