TSBX01 - The Silver Bayonet Launch Deal.

To celebrate the launch of Osprey's new game of Napoleonic Horror, The Silver Bayonet, we have a special deal for you.

The deal contains a copy of the rulebook (at a discounted price), a British Unit, a French Unit and a Spanish Unit.

What makes the deal special is that it also includes a Veteran Hunter figure, designed by Mike Owen, that will never be on sale anywhere in the future. This Veteran Hunter figure is the kind of Adventurer who could fit into any Nations Unit.

We are also throwing in for free a Hobgoblin figure. The Hobgoblin is a common foe in the Sliver Bayonet, and you need one for Scenario 1 in the book. This free model will get you playing!

(All the figures are 28mm sized metal figures, supplied unpainted. The Hobgoblin figures were originally sold as Fomorians in the North Star Fantasy Worlds section)

Deal ends 8th November. Planned release 11th November, though things may change nearer the date.


The Silver Bayonet Launch Deal.

Our Price: £94.00