TOTW03 - Spartacus Slave Revolt

The name Spartacus brings up young images of Kirk Douglas in our minds, but in reality, he was indeed the leader of a slave revolt in antiquity, and in the events of the Third Servile War. Gladiators are available as a new Army in the Rise of Eagles supplement for the award-winning "CLASH of Spears" game system ( They come complete with Character cards for ease of getting them to the table. The Cards are made of 100% plastic and may be used with a dry erase marker to easily track options and stats.

Sculpted by Stavros Zouliatis. Painted by Steve Beckett

Contents Include:

8 - Gladiators

2 - Character Cards

2 - Unit Cards

8 - Round 25mm Bases

These multi-part metal miniatures come unassembled and unpainted. Assembly is required. Miniatures are cast in lead-free pewter. These miniatures were produced with explicit permission from Fighting Hedgehog, creator and designer of CLASH of Spears.

Spartacus Slave Revolt

Our Price: £24.00