BP-WI418 - Wargames Illustrated 418

Modelling ‘shorts’ from your fellow wargamers.

Your monthly roundup of notable new releases in the hobby.

Dom Sore scans the interweb for quality and/or quirky new wargames products.

Neil Smith’s look at forthcoming book releases worthy of wargamers’ attention.

theme: Valour & Fortitude Jervis johnson Q&A
We chat with game design legend Jervis Johnson who has dived back into historical gaming since his retirement from Games Workshop last year and created the Valour & Fortitude Napoleonic rules.

pseudo-nostalgia with Mark’s Little Soldiers
Wi’s James asks sculpting legend Mark Copplestone about his changing wargaming tastes, how his new inter-war range finds beauty in simplicity, the progress being made with the Mark’s Little Soldiers wargame, and what the heck ‘pseudo-nostalgia’ means!

theme: The Battle for Wurzen
Jervis Johnson shows off his new (and free with this issue) Valour & Fortitude rules with a custom scenario that featured in his own V&F campaign.

North Africa painting part two: a second pass
Last issue, Callum painted North Africa themed Bolt Action figures in half an hour; this time around, he paints the same models for an additional half an hour, using different painting approaches to elevate their look.

theme: The Battle for Wurzen playthrough
In this pictorial battle report an assemblage of wargaming’s elite come together to contest the Battle for Wurzen. With terrain and miniatures from Alan Perry’s magnificent personal collection.

02 Hundred Hours battle report
02 Hundred Hours designer Graham Davey visited WiHQ to play this new game. His British SAS attackers took on James’ German defenders in a WWII Sabotage mission fought under the cover of darkness.

theme: Valour & Fortitude. army lists, fate tables, and special rules
Jervis Johnson presents sheets for French and Prussian Napoleonic armies which will serve you well in any gaming that takes place during the War of the Sixth Coalition, the Hundred Days Campaign, and beyond.

Pantile Painting
James quickly builds, textures, and paints Charlie Foxtrot’s Pantile House 7 to join Wi’s desert terrain collection.

britcon 2022
After a two-year hiatus, the British Historical Games Society returned with their prestige event, Britcon 2022. The show had moved from Manchester University to Nottingham Trent University, so Wargames Illustrated took a shorter than usual trip to check out the new venue and chat with organiser Tim Porter.

A slumbering dragon no more
The Wargames Illustrated team looks at new releases from Wargames Atlantic and Partizan Press and wonders if they might inspire more players to bring the often-overlooked Boxer Uprising, Eight Power War, and other Chinese battles to their workbenches, tabletops, club games, and campaigns.

Whiterun Guard
Wi’s Painter Callum completes a group of Whiterun Guard, ready to defend Dragonsreach in the Skyrim Civil War, highlighting techniques that can be used on loads of different fantasy and historical figures.

Wargames Illustrated 418

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