BP-WI422 - Wargames Illustrated 422

Modelling ‘shorts’ from your fellow wargamers.
WiPrime Members can download a selection of exclusive STL files every month to print, 
paint, and game with. This article covers our February selection.
Our monthly examination of new releases.
Neil Smith picks this month’s page-turners.
Dom Sore provides help locating the most exciting and unusual upcoming hobby releases.
Theme: Chasing the Wind 
Pete Brown introduces this month’s theme with an assortment of Insurgency campaign 
possibilities you can play out on the tabletop. 
Growing an army from scratch 
Wargames Illustrated’s Office Manager Ian has become our 3D printing champion over 
the last few months. In this article, he shares what he learned while getting to grips with 
our ELEGOO Mars 3 Pro. 
Simon Fletcher tells us about a miniature insurgent force he has put together and 
provides background information for the anarchist army of Nestor Makhno. 
WI 2022 Awards 
Sit back, relax, and take in the results of last year’s Wargames Illustrated Awards. 
Theme: Vive la France 
Graham Davey talks to us about his new 02 Hundred Hours Partisan Resistance Cell expansion, perfectly 
timed to fit our Insurgency theme. 
How To… make a RussiAn Armoured locomotive
Paul Davies gives a Sarissa MDF kit some love (and extra armour) to build one of the many armoured trains 
from the Russian Civil War.
Theme: The Most Exciting Episode Ever Known - Boxers versus Bullets! 
Mike Blake and Chris Swan present a Designer’s Notes on their new book A Wargamer’s Guide to the Boxer 
Advanced Trireme painting 
Callum France shares how to paint an Athenian vessel that would take pride of place in any display cabinet! 
Theme: Sisters of the Resistance
Neil Smith shines a spotlight on some of the fascinating women who took part in the French Resistance and 
suggests a scenario to bring them to the tabletop.
The Fourth Punic War 
Daniel Mersey’s fascinating new project mixes up his Xenos Rampant rules, the Mark’s Little Soldiers 
miniature range, and a dash of ‘what if?’ history.
A World of Digital Minis
Dom Sore details some of the companies offering STL files for home 3D printing and gets the scoop on 
Atlantic Digital in an interview with Wargames Atlantic’s main man, Hudson Adams.
Red Dawn Soviet starter set
David Bickley and his gaming buddy Phil Robinson get their mitts on the new bumper box set from 
Battlefront and waste no time in getting the models conscripted into their ranks

Wargames Illustrated 422

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