BP-WI423 - Wargames Illustrated 423

OBSERVATION POST We cast our expert eyes over the latest wargaming releases.
RELEASE RADAR Dom Sore shines a light on some of the more obscure and unexpected new releases ready to empty your wallet out!
FULL PAPER JACKET Neil Smith’s back with his monthly column highlighting new books for the discerning wargamer.
WiDigital Take a look at the STL files WiPrime Members can download in this month’s WiDigital selection.
introducing Strategy & Guile Wargame designer supreme Jervis Johnson introduces a new way to play campaigns: Strategy & Guile.
playing Strategy & Guile Jervis presents the rules for his Strategy & Guile campaign system, introduced in the preceding article.
Kitbashing a broken down Sd.Kfz 250/3 James adds additional interest to an already feature packed model and provides plenty of kit building and kit bashing tips in this write up about the new Warlord Games half-track.
STRONGBOW. Pete Brown looks at the wargaming possibilities offered by the Norman Invasion of Ireland, and plays a game using the Hail Caesar 2nd edition rules. Billhooks Battlefield Scatter Richard Lloyd, aka Captain Blood, the kitbash king, presents a quick guide to making and painting battlefield scatter for your medieval tabletops.
Operation Polo. Jim Graham looks at a brief operation during the turbulent period of Indian unification, in which Hyderabad struck a claim for independence.
A 15th Century Terminator Mike Peters is something of an unstoppable giant in the world of army painting, and in this article he kitbashes and paints an unstoppable giant from the Wars of the Roses.
The Battle that Never Was Karim Van Overmeire makes up for the lack of nearby wargaming shows by putting on his own ‘big battle’ mini-campaign, based around Blücher attacking Schwarzenberg in 1816.
Raising the Dead Callum France considers the golden ratio as he creates a Necromancer vignette to lead (and raise) his undead army.
The Other Northwest Frontier Simon MacDowall introduces us to an interesting theater of warfare and wargaming that borrows its name from a more famous location on the other side of the world.
Billhooks movement trays Another Billhooks bonus from Richard Lloyd covering how to build movement trays with drama aplenty.
SEVENTH TIME LUCKY! Pete Brown uses Lion Rampant Second Edition to play the campaigning possibilities of the Seventh Crusade in Egypt

Wargames Illustrated 423

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