AWT-B01 - A War Transformed: Starter Bundle 1

A War Transformed Starter Bundle: The British One.

We have a very limited number of these Bundles.


1x A War Transformed rulebook

1x Free plastic frame of Frostgrave Wizards

1x Tarot Card Deck. (You don't need the deck to play, the author suggests their use as markers to remind you what Rituals you have available).

1x Manifestations (Six Creatures)

1x British Empire Platoon (33 figures)

(All the figures are 28mm sized metal miniatures, supplied unpainted)

Includes plastic bases for all the figures. Plastic bases are by Renedra.

Have a look at pack B001a and let us know which British Captain figure you'd prefer.

Also let us know if you'd prefer plastic Female Wizards rather than Male.


A War Transformed: Starter Bundle 1

Our Price: £108.00