BP-WI432 - Wargames Illustrated 432


The Silver Bayonet visits Canada, there’s a roundup of releases from the Other Partizan, and mounted Bloody
Miniatures in this month’s reviews.
Dom Sore’s fired up his festive radar to search out the latest wargaming releases.
Short, quick-read posts from Wi readers about their hobby projects, notes, news, and observations.
theme: Guerrillas in the Midst
Editor Dan joins Ron Ringrose and his Essex Gamester chums for a Peninsular War mega-game.
Painting Wars of the Roses Armour
Paul Mackay suggests some effective and relatively simple ways to add interest to your rank-and-file and
character figures in armour.
theme: Zaragoza besieged
As part of our Peninsular War theme James shares how he modified Valour & Fortitude to play the first siege of
Old Rough and Ready Meets Old Fuss and Feathers
Nick Buxey revisits passions of his wargaming past and explores the Mexican-American War of 1846-48.
theme: Painting Peninsular Veterans
Matt Parkes paints two opposing units of Peninsular veterans in a grizzled, battle-weary, disarrayed style that can
also be applied to this month’s free plastic frames.
Return to Arabian Nightmares
Dr Gianluca Raccagni reveals more colourful heroes, villains, and adventures from the pages of Arabian
Is it up to Scratch?
Gary Faulkner considers scratch building and how 2023 offers all kinds of new options to the home hobbyist.
The Other Partizan
Over a thousand of gamers and collectors headed to Newark Showgrounds for the second Partizan of 2023.
Team Wi was there to report on some truly spectacular tables and armies.
Starting with Stargrave
Paul J. Carney shares his Stargrave hobby experiences.
Where did you get that hat?
Wargames Illustrated Editor Dan shares his latest Editor’s Exploits - his quest to bring a unique Iron Age warrior
back from the grave, in miniature.
A Figure Collection Transformed
Editor Dan shares his enthusiasm for the background and setting in new Osprey game A War Transformed.
Things from the Basement
Dave Taylor interviews Joerg Bender about his terrain company, his hobby passions, and gets him to share some
model making tips.

Wargames Illustrated 432

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