BP-WI439 - Wargames Illustrated 439


This month’s review section includes modern military miniatures, brick-building, amazing painting, and enticing animals.


Dom Sore’s back after a two month break; he’s found some great new and upcoming releases to tempt you!


Short, quick-read posts from Wi readers about their hobby projects, notes, news, and observations.

theme: Cover Mount Focus - Epic Hail Caesar

Carthaginians, Republican Romans, Allied Troops, War Elephants, or Celt Warriors - we talk through the free frames that are randomly bagged with this issue.

Knight Fever

We check out Victrix’s new Medieval range, along with some superb prototype decals to decorate them.

theme: Small… Far away…

Thoughts on Warlord’s Hail Caesar Epic Battles and small-scale wargames, by Rick Priestley.

Recreating El Cid

Paul McKay builds and paints his own reimagining of the El Cid legend with inspiration from history and Hollywood.

theme: Why I love - Wargaming in the old testament

This month, Pete Brown returns with the first ‘Why I Love…’ article we’ve featured for quite a while, and this time, its Biblical!

A War Transformed

We had a chat with A War Transformed author Freddie Silburn-Slater at Salute 51 to see how things were going after the release of his weird WWI game.

theme: Big Ancient battles

Simon MacDowall presents his way of conquering the tabletop challenges presented by the big set-piece battles of the Ancient World.

Partizan May 2024

Team Wi had a great time at the Lead Belt’s premiere wargaming event, held at Newark Showground. We show off some of the brilliant gaming in this report.

theme: An abundance of Ancients

Take a tour of Nick Gilmore’s collection of 25 marvellous looking Ancient armies.

What a Cartel!

John Savage discusses the game he ran at Partizan 2024, which showed off the versatility of his What a Cowboy! rules by transplanting them to drug-busting battles of the 1980s.

theme: Edge of Empire

A wargame inspired by the novel Warrior of Rome - Fire in the East.

Salute 51 painting competition winners

The quality of entries in the Salute painting competition gets increasingly spectacular, as the winners here show!

“I know how to defend my own keep!”

Mark Clayton poured his love of The Lord of the Rings into this impressive Helm’s Deep model.

Wargames Illustrated 439

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