T-Eq01 - Ladder-Sided Waggon (inc team of 4 Horses)

Our waggons are based on Dutch Waggons hired/ comandeered by the British Army in 1799, as illustrated by D. Langendijik. For anyone not a member of Barry Hilton's "Fashion Police" they are generic waggons from approximately Landsknects to Landsers. (Thats Renaissance till Wold War II).
[Historical note: Unlike the later Germans with regard to Dutch bicycles, the British did leave the carts behind when they evacuated - so hopefully I'll still be welcome at Murphy's Heroes in Delft!]

This is a metal kit for 28mm sized figures, supplied unbuilt and un painted. Glue is required to assemble it.



Ladder-Sided Waggon (inc team of 4 Horses)

Our Price: £20.00