T-Eq02 - Plank-sided Waggon (inc team of 4 horses)

Our carts and cart horses - designed by the redoubtable Dave Hoyles of Museum Miniatures - have proven quite popular over the last few years. They're based on drawings by the Dutch soldier-cum-artist J. Langendijk of Dutch carts commandeered by the British army during the 1799 invasion of North Holland. However, we reckon they'd look OK next to a Spanish tercio in an 80 YEars War game or a Panzer IV in a Bolt Action World War II game. Each cart comes in ten parts (including the wheels) and with four cart horses plus their traces' Assembly in very easy.

28mm sized, supplied unpainted.



Plank-sided Waggon (inc team of 4 horses)

Our Price: £20.00