SSB18 - Anglo-Danish Warband (6 points)

These are 6 point, full Warbands (instead of the 4 point Starter Warbands) and will give you a rounded Warband at a substantially discounted price without the need to worry about additional reinforcement packs.
Each Warband will have a different Warlord figure to the one in the 4 point version of that faction.
Plus, each box will contain a set of 4Ground Fatigue markers (the Jomsvikings will get Wrath/Fatigue markers,) along with all weapons, shields and bases.

Contains Warlord, three units of 4 Huscarls (Hearthguards - 4 with Dane Axes), two units of 8 Ceorls (Warriors) and a unit of levy slingers plus all appropriate weapons, shields and bases. PLUS MDF Fatigue marker set.
41 figs in total.

Anglo-Danish Warband (6 points)

Our Price: £70.00