GiM002 - Trotsky - Sold Out


Leon Trotsky may be better known for his political work, but was also the first Head of the Red Army. He recognised the fundamental problems with its organisation and set about creating a more efficient system of discipline, conscription and the use of training to create a better force, just in time for the Russian Civil War. He introduced the Political Commissar system into the Red Army, which grew to 3,000,000 under his guidance. He often visited the front line, where his oratorical skills and strategic sense instilled confidence in those placed under his command. He was not averse to taking part in some aspects of operations and was able to maintain an excellent awareness of what was happening across the field of battle.

28mm sized metal figure, supplied unpainted. Limited to 500 models, each comes in a numbered gift box.

Trotsky - Sold Out

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