Bp1567 - Armies of the Coalition

Austria, Prussia and Russia 1808-1815.

The story of Austria, Prussia and Russia, is a story of unity and solidarity against the mighty French Empire. Prior to 1808 it appeared that nothing could stop the Emperor Napoleon. And try as the Russians, Prussians and Austrians might, they were soundly defeated time and again by the victorious Grande Armee.

From 1809 onwards things began to change in favour of the allies. Napoleon suffered his first defeat, by a central European power, at the hands of the Austrians at the Battle of Aspern-Essling, in 1809. Though France ultimately won that war, Napoleon’s Grande Armee was destroyed by the Russian’s and General winter in 1812. Between 1813 and 1814 the Great War to liberate Europe from the clutches of Napoleon raged, until France’s eagles finally succumbed at the gates of Paris itself. Briefly the eagles flew again in 1815, during the 100 days campaign, only to be dashed on the rocks of the British, Prussians, Dutch-Belgian, Hanoverian, Brunswick and Nassau forces during the famous Battle of Waterloo, June 18th, 1815.

Using this full colour, 72 page, Parade Handbook for the Coalition Armies of Russia, Prussia and Austria, you can also play a part in this epic tale. Re-fight the famous battles during the wars of Empire to Liberation, 1808-1815. These lists allow you to pretty much build any coalition corps that fought between 1808 and 1815. Klenau’s 4th Corps, 1809, Raevsky’s 7th Corps 1812 or York’s Prussian 1st Corps 1813 are all easily built using our flexible divisional and attachment options. Apart from the usual National Traits, Allies, Battle, Support and Reserve choices, we have also added in some famous national heroes into the Headquarters options, like Archduke Charles, Blucher, Bagration, Platov and Kutuzov! 

Now you can raise the proud banners of the Austrian and Prussian fatherland or mighty mother Russia against the arrogant Corsican general and his cruel eagles. Do not let the stain of defeat during the wars of Revolution to Empire 1790-1807 cause your proud soldiers to stumble in the hour of ultimate triumph! Now my brave lads! Now is the time to raise the banners high and attack the French foe!

Supplement for Grand Battles Napoleon.


Armies of the Coalition

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