T-Car14 - French Dragoons, St. Dominque, 1802-03

This pack comes with separate heads and separate right arms. You get three riders and three horses, three heads in round hats, and six separate right arms: two each shouldered sword, attacking with sword, & firing pistol-so you'll have three spare arms for your 'bits box'. Arms and heads are easly fixed with superglue. You may need to use a pin vice (hand drill) for a few seconds! The separate heads makes it easy to do simple head swops. One of the figures in the photo has a bare head from pack EDZ 08 Bare heads, and another has a straw hat from the Car 13 Poles in St Domingue, 1802-03 pack.

28mm sized metal figures, supplied unpainted

French Dragoons, St. Dominque, 1802-03

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