DitDCArmy1 - Matabele Royal Army Deal

Our super army deal gets you a 300 point Matabele Army ready to be painted and put on the table.

You save 25% over buying the army from individual packs.

We've designed an 1894 Matabele Army, one that would have defended Matabeleland from Rhodes' invasion.

The figures are all from the North Star Africa! range.

The army contains 108 Warrior figures and 12 Skirmishers, 120 figures altogether.

We have organised them into  

2 units of Elite Warriors (6 bases each) including a Disciplined Chief.
4 units of Warriors (6 bases each),
1 Unit of Skirmishers with muskets (6 bases)

Figures are 28mm sized, made of metal and supplied unpainted. 

Extras? We'd recommend buying the Matabele Weapon pack for the firearms in there, you can add them to the models to upgrade your Warriors. A pack of cattle will give you your baggage base and a pack of Matabele Shields would paint up great as disruption markers. If you want to use your army in a slightly earlier period, Lubengula mounted on a horse gives your Chief base lots more options.

Matabele Royal Army Deal

Our Price was: £174.00
Special Offer price!: £130.00