DitDCArmy4 - Ruga Ruga Army Deal

Our super army deal gets you a 300 point Ruga Ruga Army to use with Death in the Dark Continent.

You save 25% over buying the army from individual packs.

We've designed a Ruga Ruga army, one that could be the East African army of Mirambo or Nyunga-ya-Mawe.

The figures are all from the North Star Africa! range.

The army contains 90 Musket Armed Ruga Ruga figures.

We have organised them into  

5 units of Ruga Ruga (6 bases each)

Figures are 28mm sized, made of metal and supplied unpainted. 

Extras to buy? Some spear armed native figures from our Matabele range would add some variety to your army. A pack of cattle or Ruga Ruga Captives will give you your baggage base and a pack of Matabele Shields would paint up great as disruption markers. 

Ruga Ruga Army Deal

Our Price was: £130.50
Special Offer price!: £97.00