GiM018 - Oda Nobunaga (Sold Out)

"Only those who can create their own destiny can survive!"

Oda Nobunaga was the second son of a deputy military governor who owned land in the Owari Province. As a child, he gained the nickname of Owari no ?utsuke, the Big Fool of Owari, due to his bizarre behaviour. When his father died, Nobunaga seized power, outmaneuvered or slew all opposition and gained a reputation for ruthlessness that lasted throughout his life. He was a master of strategy and tactics and eventually became the ‘right hand’ of the Shogun he helped to put in place. He created innovative tactics for the use of the arquebuses or teppo that began to be made on Tangeshima Island, inspiring other daimyos to invest in the weapons.

A Test of Honour Hero Card for this figure appears in Wargames Illustrated 355.

This is a limited edition figure (only 500 will be made) and comes in a numbered gift box. 

28mm sized metal miniature, supplied unpainted.


Oda Nobunaga (Sold Out)

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