BP-BBB-S02 - Bloody Big Balkans Battles!

The Balkan Wars of 1912-1913 were the prelude to WWI. Dr. Travlos’s dedicated research now makes these neglected
conflicts accessible to wargamers. BBBB lets you refight fourteen of the biggest battles of the Balkan Wars!

Each scenario gives you:
• A clear and accurate historical situation
• New decisions for both sides every turn
• Simple but ingenious victory conditions
• A battle you can fight to the finish in an evening
• A great game that will ebb and flow to the end!

In addition, Dr Travlos provides an invaluable overview of the course of the wars, an annotated bibliography, and a guide to wargame figures that can be used to build miniature armies for the scenarios.

BBBB is a scenario book intended for
use with the “Bloody Big Battles” wargames rules (BBB).

Bloody Big Balkans Battles!

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