RH_LAB_009 - Jim Henson's Labyrinth Movie Chess Set

With a board representing part of the Labyrinth, this unique Labyrinth chess set celebrates the quirkiness of Jim Henson's imagination. Fun for all the family and with 32 finely detailed sculpted pieces, including Jareth as the King and Sarah as the Queen, this chess set also comes with a QR code to unlock free downloadable chess rules and a Mini-Shuuro game on the back of the board. You'll be having so much fun you won't even notice it turning 13 o'clock.

(Jareth = King, Sarah = Queen, Hoggle= Bishop, Sir Didymus = the Knight, Ludo = the Rook, Goblins = the pawns

Jim Henson's Labyrinth Movie Chess Set

Our Price: £35.00