BP-WI429 - Wargames Illustrated 429

OBSERVATION POST This month’s venture into the land of new releases tours some new WWI options in plastic and printed resin, a book for the same conflict, and more.

RELEASE RADAR Dom Sore’s here to show off the more esoteric new releases in the wargaming world.

QUICK FIRE Short, quick-read posts from Wi readers about their hobby projects, notes, news, and observations.

DESERT RAIDS IN THE DARK 02 Hundred Hours next expansion - Desert Raid - takes the game to previously unexplored territory with night raids in the desert. James interviews the game’s designer, Grey for Now’s owner Graham Davey, to find out all about it.

ALESIA: CAESAR’S GREATEST VICTORY A photo-heavy look at a Swordpoint game featuring an impressive model of the Alesia siegeworks.

HOW DID I MISS… TEST OF HONOUR James takes on Test of Honour’s designer Graham Davey in his semi-regular ‘How did I miss…’ series. 

A VERY FIERCE AND HOT DISPUTE PART ONE The man behind Bloody Miniatures, Richard Lloyd, presents the first part of a two-part article about a little known English Civil War battle he has extensively researched. 1

1066 AND ALL THAT Jim Graham looks at how we can wargame the battles of 11th Century England.

TALKING MINIATURES Wargames Illustrated Editor Dan takes a trip across town to chat with Robin Dews and John Stallard about their new book, Talking Miniatures… or how the Lincoln Model Railway and Wargaming Society changed the world.

TOUGH GUT Dom Sore disects the new Bolt Action Campaign book.

SCRATCH-BUILDING TERRAIN FOR THE DOOMED In the final part of Ana Polanscak’s The Doomed trilogy, she makes some fantastic hand-crafted terrain, suitable for many games or genres.

PATRON CLASS TRIREMES Ricard Fortun revisits Thalassa’s ancient naval battles with rules for a new ship class that brings the divine powers to the tabletop.

COMMUNAL CONSTRUCTION Collin Farrant tells the tale of a collaborative project to build a Salute gaming board recreating the attack on the US Embassy in Saigon during the Vietnam War.

HISTORICON 2023 Our man in Pennsylvania, 

Wargames Illustrated 429

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