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This month’s reviews include Wargames Atlantic plastics, Dead Man’s Hand cowboy scatter, Oathmark characters, and interwar MDF kits.


Dom Sore’s here to tell us about a stack of new and upcoming releases.


Short, quick-read posts from Wi readers about their hobby projects, notes, news, and observations.

theme: Big Screen to Small Board

Want to translate your favourite movie or TV show to the tabletop? Pete Brown’s here to help you out. 

Salute 51: Pirate Painting

Wi Painter extraordinaire Matt Parkes applies brushwork to preview versions of this year’s Salute show minis.

theme: Ridley Scott at Austerlitz

Colonel (Retired) Bill Gray compares two very different versions of Austerlitz. One is seen through a historical lens, the other, through the lens of director Ridley Scott’s Arri digital movie camera.

Designer’s Notes: The Warpaints Fanatic story

We’re very impressed with The Army Painter’s new Fanatic paints and asked Adam Abramowicz to shine a light on the development of such an expansive range.

theme: Djins from the Dunes (SAS Rogue Heroes)

Glenn Clarke takes TV inspiration from SAS Rogue Heroes and drives out into the Egyptian sands during WWII.

Designer’s Notes: Celtic Fringe and Montrose

Paul Reynolds provides a guide to two new For King and Parliament supplements, which he has co-written with two other enthusiasts of these popular 17th Century rules.

theme: From spec ops to CoD

Matt Parkes builds iconic Call of Duty characters from Warlord Games’ Special Operations team frame, and we probe how other video game offerings can inspire our tabletop warfare.

Designer’s Notes: Achtung Panzer! 

Mike Bradford, author of Warlord Games’ new rules Achtung Panzer!, tells us about the development and mechanics of this new ‘skirmish’-level tank battle game.

theme: Home Guard Heroes

Paul Mackay examines the Home Guard in history and in the classic BBC comedy series Dad’s Army, then shows how he painted his troops in miniature.

Painting Polish Plastics

James continues his experiments with Army Painter’s new Fanatic range and paints a couple of the new Perry Miniatures Duchy of Warsaw infantry.

theme: Genre hopping with 7TV The 80s

7TV: The 80s lead writer, Helena Nash, provides insight into the design process
of the popular skirmish game’s latest Genre Guide.

Designer’s Notes: ‘Alala!

Simon MacDowall talks about the development and playtesting of his new ruleset for Greek hoplite battles.

Jack Alexander obituary

Bob Black bids a fond farewell to his friend Jack Alexander who, through his Jacklex range, was one of the early icons of miniature making.

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