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This month’s reviews include some fantastic plastic, a wide selection of rulebooks, Egyptian gothic horror, and a Bloody great regiment. 
Paul Matthews brings you some of his favourite new (and forthcoming) releases in the wargaming world, in the hope that your interest will be piqued by what he has to share.
Explosions and the Reichstag feature in this month’s eclectic quick-read posts from your fellow wargamers.
theme: Causing a Ruckus 
Ruckus author Mike Peters discusses the early stage of the game’s development, and lets some of the pre-release players tell their Ruckus stories.
Melee in the Age of 
Game Designer Daniel Mersey turns to a 1970s Steve Jackson game to get help with skirmish rules for Seventh Century Anglo-Saxons.
Unboxing: Dead Man’s Hand redux 
We are joined by Mark Wheatley of Great Escape Games as we lift the lid on their new incarnation of the popular wild west gunfight game, Dead Man’s Hand.
Howdah you do? 
Nick Buxey revisits a painting passion that saw his miniatures first featured in the pages of Wargames Illustrated - elephants!
Every year we sponsor the Hammerhead Painting Competition, and the standard just keeps on getting better. Here we present some of the wonderful winners in the Class of ’24.
Fanatic Fabrics 
Wi Painter Matt Parkes grabs the Warpaints Fanatic baton and shows us how he used the paints to create some fetching fabrics to brighten up the Old West.
Pimp your Cog 
The Wargames Illustrated team take their lead from MTV’s seminal vehicular enhancement show: Pimp my Ride, to construct an MDF model cog which we think you will all agree is fresh, ballin’, and even a bit tight.
Fallout Factions: launch party report 
James headed to Modiphius Entertainment’s Fallout: Factions launch party, in the heart of the Lead Belt, and took in the gaming and miniature painting action.
Unboxing: Achtung Panzer! Blood and Steel 
We are joined by author Mike Bradford to guide us through a detailed look at the Achtung Panzer! starter set.
theme: Base Currency 
Mike Peters gets down to base-ics and makes his Ruckus figures game-ready with magnetic coins and magnetised tokens.

Wargames Illustrated 437

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