BP-WI438 - Wargames Illustrated 438

We’ve got a haul of swag from Salute in this month’s Observation Post with new plastics, pre-painted terrain, and
much more.
With Dom Sore taking an extended honeymoon break Paul Mathews is back for another tour of RR duty!
Samurai, the Crimea, lighting and Ragged Staff Minis all feature in this month’s eclectic quick-read posts from
your fellow wargamers.
theme: Weapons in Wargames
To kick off this month’s Weapons theme we tracked down Alan and Michael Perry, and Jervis Johnson, and
asked them how they handle weapons when figure-sculpting and game-designing.
A scrapheap challenge
Magnus Alm builds some wonderful terrain without spending money on any new kits.
theme: Two thousand years and counting
Bill Gray examines the amazing longevity of the pike and related polearms, presenting wargaming notes on the
weapon’s swansong in late World War Two Japan.
Hitting the Beaches
With Summer around the corner, the folks behind D-Day Replayed have their minds on the Normandy Beaches
and big plans to commemorate the 1944 landings in 28mm.
theme: Smiting the good smite
For this month’s Weapons theme, regular contributor Pete Brown decided to be less than predictable, choosing
to focus on a two wheeled ‘weapon’ pulled by a team of horses: aka the Chariot.
Salute 51 show report
Thousands crowded London’s ExCel, for the busiest Salute we’ve ever seen, and Team Wi were on hand to
document the day.
theme: The Mosin-Nagant rifle
Lisa Smedman discusses an icon rifle which was used by her grandfather in the Finish Civil War, 1918, and still
sees service today.
Painting Dramatic OSL
Callum France creates a sense of drama by applying bold object source lighting to our Richard ‘Dick’ Winters (Band
of Brothers hero) Giants in Miniature figure.
theme: The Annihilator
As part of this month’s Weapons theme, Chris Swan examines the history of the Thompson and puts it to use in a
pulp game in an unusual setting.
Ruckus Campaigns
Mike Peters presents full rules for connecting your Ruckus games into an ongoing Campaign, along with two new
Campaign Scenarios.
Sébastien Clément documents the building and painting process of his Salute 2024 Painting Competition winning

Wargames Illustrated 438

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