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Ice blown and lofty ‘Felland’, of all the state territories within the ‘Teuden League’, is the most mountainous and to the other ‘Leaguen Folk’ it is also considered the most uncivil. With a domain that stretches from the river port of ‘Langaholm’, just below the ‘Ruga Falls’, to beyond the lofty town of ‘Fellburg’ perched high in the ‘Karpoth Mountains’, this is a land of extremes of climate and culture. But it is more because of the cursed ruins of ‘Daldorr’, than the insular and suspicious nature of the local folk, that many from outside this realm know it as ‘Bleak Felland’!

The austere merchant city of ‘Fellandorf’ is the state capital of this realm, but in ages past this land was a wealthy, independent, mountain hewn, nation in its own right. In those distant days, almost lost to memory, ‘Daldorr’ was not a name to send chills down the spines of common folk! ‘Daldorr’ was the glorious capital of ‘Dorr’ a kingdom famed for more than its annual harvest of trapper furs and wool sacks. In those days of yore ‘Dorr’ was most famed for the rich multitude of minerals and metal ores mined from deep inside her northern slopes of the ‘Karpothian Mountains’.

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