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Hellas-Jesserai is a city born of colonial hope that generations after its founding set the example to all such solar colonies, of compassion and humanity, by welcoming millions after ĎThe Rout Of Maní to the green planet. Hellas, this solar mega metropolis is a fitting location for so many of the pan-solar corporate governance buildings and the First Legionís high courts of law. Many are the palatial residencies of corporate nobles and lesser corporate praetorial families to be found around its central district.

The populace of Hellas-Jesserai have seen many conflicts over the generations, in their thousands they volunteered and never returned from fighting in the titan wars on Earth. Millionís more died during the first and second corporate wars and now conflict has returned but this war is different. The war that now rages like a firestorm from the smallest mining outposts in the outer most asteroid belt, to the very streets of this the largest and most civilised urban zone on Mars, is not about corporate profit and loss. This is a war of ideologies, a religious war, call it crusade or jihad, it is the most bloody of wars. The old spirit of corporate battle honour amongst peace maker legions has been replaced by an all out zealotsí blood bath. It would seem there is no humanity left to mankind; who would have thought it, that we would be the instrument of our own ultimate doom and not those mindless automaton minions of Mother!

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