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With the changes that came hundreds of years ago from terraforming, Mars is often called the ‘Green Planet’ though there are still thousands upon thousands of miles of red desert where only ‘Outlanders’ live. Cutting through these huge desolate expanses are lush river valleys and flood plans where many corporate communities can be found, some no more than outpost hamlets of a few buildings but others are now vast densely populated cities.

The Iapygian Sink is a great land trough between the highlands of the Tyrrhena Plateau and the rim of the Noachian Desert. The river Iapygis now runs from the Tyrrhena Plateau (the other side of which is the Hellas Sea and the mega-city of Hellas Jesserai) all the way to the Isidis Bay in the north, running through the deciduous forests of Ashclyst and Hainault, the sink prairies and the Tyrrhenan swamps. Every year during the summer the region has a period of extreme monsoons as storms are funnelled through ‘The Sink’ from the Isidis Bay. All of this has lead to the cultural evolution of the Sink Pioneers a breed of people who brave the harsh weather conditions and although some of the townships have been in existence for decades they cling to the Primary Phase Habs of their original construction due to their resilience and utility.

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