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Photo of Timber Framed Shop/ Dwelling (28S-ECW-104)
28S-ECW-104 - Timber Framed Shop/ Dwelling

Our Price:£28.50

Photo of Village Rice Barn (28S-EDO-101)
28S-EDO-101 - Village Rice Barn

Our Price:£16.00

Photo of Peasant Labourer's Dwelling (28S-EDO-102)
28S-EDO-102 - Peasant Labourer's Dwelling

Our Price:£18.00

Photo of Village Wooden Fencing (28S-EDO-103)
28S-EDO-103 - Village Wooden Fencing

Our Price:£16.00

Photo of Village Wooden Gates (with fencing) (28S-EDO-104)
28S-EDO-104 - Village Wooden Gates (with fencing)

Our Price:£14.00

Photo of Peasant Smallholder's Dwelling (28S-EDO-105)
28S-EDO-105 - Peasant Smallholder's Dwelling

Our Price:£22.50

Photo of Peasant Farmer's Cottage (28S-EDO-106)
28S-EDO-106 - Peasant Farmer's Cottage

Our Price:£27.50

Photo of Village Elder's House (28S-EDO-109)
28S-EDO-109 - Village Elder's House

Our Price:£40.00

Photo of Small Bookshelf (28S-FAB-001M)
28S-FAB-001M - Small Bookshelf

Our Price:£2.50

Photo of Large Bookshelf (28S-FAB-002M)
28S-FAB-002M - Large Bookshelf

Our Price:£2.50

Photo of Bannister Back (A) Chair (28S-FAB-003M)
28S-FAB-003M - Bannister Back (A) Chair

Our Price:£3.00

Photo of Table (A) (28S-FAB-004M)
28S-FAB-004M - Table (A)

Our Price:£3.00

Photo of Fiddle Back Chair (28S-FAB-005M)
28S-FAB-005M - Fiddle Back Chair

Our Price:£3.00

Photo of Sheaf Back Chairs (28S-FAB-006M)
28S-FAB-006M - Sheaf Back Chairs

Our Price:£3.00

Photo of Square Back (A) Chairs (28S-FAB-007M)
28S-FAB-007M - Square Back (A) Chairs

Our Price:£3.00

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