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Age of Crusades Figures -

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SMF01aMutatawwi'a Warlord on Camel£7.00

Age of Crusades Figures - Crusaders

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

CCSB01Crusader Starter Warband (Mixed)£51.00

CCSB02Crusader Starter Warband (Foot)£38.00

SCD01aC&C Crusader Mounted Warlord£4.25

SCD01bCrusader Warlord on Foot £3.00

SCD01c Crusader Warlord with Double Handed Axe£3.00

SCD02Mounted Crusader Knights (Hearthguard)£14.00

SCD03C&C Crusader Knights on Foot£7.00

SCD04C&C Crusader Knights with Double Handed Wpns£7.00

SCD05C&C Crusader Sergeants on Foot£14.00

SCD06C&C Crusader Sergeants with Bows £14.00

SCD07Crusader Sergeants with Crossbows £14.00

SCD08C&C Crusader Mounted Sergeants£28.00

SCD09C&C Crusader Pilgrims (Levy)£21.00

SHCA06Peter the Hermit£8.50

Age of Crusades Figures - Dogs of War

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DOW01Fanatic Pilgrims (SFH07 Monks)£21.00


DOW03Turcomen £28.00


DOW05 Daylami£14.00

DOW06Western Mercenaries (8)£14.00

Age of Crusades Figures - Heroes of the Crusades

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SHCA01Godfrey of Bouillon£8.50

SHCA02Saladin, Knight Of Islam£8.50

SHCA03Black Guard, Legends of the Crusading Age£14.00

SHCA08Hermann von Salza, Grand Master of the Teutonic Order£15.00

SPR02SAGA Christian Priest (1)£4.25

SPR03SAGA Islamic Priest (1)£4.25

Age of Crusades Figures - Milites Christi

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

CCSB05 Milites Christi Starter Warband£51.00

SHCA04The Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ£28.00

SMO01Milites Christi Mounted Warlord£4.25

SMO02Milites Christi Mounted Brothers (Hearthguard)£14.00

SMO03Mounted Sergeants (Warriors)£28.00

SMO04Sergeants (Warriors) on Foot£14.00

SMO05/SCD07Sergeants with Crossbows£14.00

SWBB06hMilitary Order War Banner & Bearer (Hospitaller)£8.50

SWBB06tMilitary Order War Banner & Bearer (Templar)£8.50

Age of Crusades Figures - Moors

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CCSB06Moors Starter Warband£70.00

SMR01Moor Mounted Warlord£4.25

SMR02Moor Mounted Jund (Hearthguard)£14.00

SMR03Moor Mounted Hashid (Warriors)£28.00

SMR04Moor Foot Hashid (Warriors)£14.00

SMR05Moor Mujahid Levy with bows£21.00

SMR06/SSP07Moor Mujahid (Andalusian) Levy Crossbows£21.00

Age of Crusades Figures - Mutataw wi'a

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CCSB04 Mutatawwi'a Starter Warband£49.50

SMF01bMutatawwi'a Warlord on foot£3.00

SMF01cMutatawwi'a Warlord on Horse£4.25

SMF02Mutatawwi'a Fanatics (Hearthguard) on Camels£18.00

SMF03Mutatawwi'a Fanatics (Hearthguard) on Horses£14.00

SMF04Mutatawwi'a Fanatics (Hearthguard) on foot£7.00

SMF05Mutatawwi'a Chosen (Warriors) on foot£14.00

SMF06Mutatawwi'a Chosen (Warriors) with bows£14.00

Age of Crusades Figures - Saracens

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

CCSB03 Saracen Starter Warband£64.00

SSN01aSaracen Mounted Warlord£4.25

SSN01b Saracen Warlord £4.25

SSN02Saracen Mounted Ghulams with Bows£14.00

SSN03Saracen Mounted Ghulams £14.00

SSN04Saracen Warriors on Foot£14.00

SSN05Saracen Mounted Warriors£28.00

SSN06Saracen Mounted Warriors with Bows£28.00

SSN07Saracen Levy (Bows)£21.00

SWBB05Saracen War Banner & Bearer£8.50

Age of Crusades Figures - Scenics

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SSC02Arab Baggage (Out of Stock)£22.50

SSC23Baggage Camels£10.00


SSC25Arab Herders£7.00

Age of Crusades Figures - Spanish

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CCSB07Spanish Starter Warband£70.00

SHCA05El Cid£8.50

SSP01Spanish Mounted Warlord£4.25

SSP02Spanish Mounted Cabelleros (Hearthguards)£14.00

SSP03Spanish Mounted Jinetes (Warriors)£28.00

SSP04Spanish Warriors on Foot£14.00

SSP05Spanish Levy with Bows£21.00

SSP06Spanish Levy with Javelins£21.00

SSP07/SMR06Spanish Andalusian Crossbow (Levy)£21.00

Mongols -

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

AoCSB02Mongols Starter Warband (4 points)£84.00

SHCA07Subutai, the Emperor's Executioner£8.50

SMG01Mongol Warlord£4.25

SMG02Mongol Wardrummer on Camel£7.00

SMG03aMongol Hearthguard (2 Points)£28.00

SMG04Mongol Warriors£28.00

SMG06Mongol Levy with Bows£21.00

Mongols - Mongols

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

MNC12Mongol Victory Feast (Out of Stock)£10.50

Plastic Figures - Plastic Figures

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

GBP07Plastic Viking Starter (4 points)£22.00

GBP08Plastic Saxon (Anglo Dane) Starter (4 point)£22.00

GBP19Plastic Saracen Starter Warband (4 points) £35.00

GBP24Saga - Roman Starter Warband (4 Points) (Plastic)£25.00

Saga Accessories - Accessories

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SAGACARD01Saga Cardboard Measuring Sticks + Tokens£6.50


SPELL01Saga: Age of Magic Spell Cards£12.00

Saga Accessories - Banners and Shield Transfers

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

LBMS SAGA SCD 99Crusader Banners & Shield £12.00

LBMS SAGA SMF 99Mutatawwi'a banners & shield£12.00

LBMS SAGA SMO 99aTemplar (Milites Christi) Banner and Shield Transfers£12.00

LBMS SAGA SMO 99bHospitaller (Milites Christi) Banner & Shield Sheet£12.00

LBMS SAGA SMR99Moor Banner & shield transfers for 4pt warband£12.00

LBMS SAGA SSN 99Saracen Banners & Shield Transfers£12.00

LBMS SAGA SSP99Spanish Banner & shield transfers for 4pt warband £12.00

LBMS SAGA001Welsh Banner and Shields£5.00

LBMS SAGA002Norman Banner and Shields£5.00

LBMS SAGA003 Viking Banner and Shields£5.00

LBMS SAGA004Saxon Banner and Shields£5.00

LBMS SAGA005 Anglo Saxon banner and shields£5.00

LBMS SAGA006Joms Viking Banner and shields£5.00

LBMS SAGA007Scottish Banner and Shields£5.00

LBMS SAGA008Dark Age Celt banner and shield£5.00

LBMS SAGA009Frankish banner and shields£5.00

LBMS SAGA010Irish banner and shield sheet£5.00

LBMS SAGA011Breton banner and shields£5.00

Saga Dice - Saga Dice

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SD01 Norman/ Breton Saga Dice£12.00

SD02Anglo-Danish/ Anglo-Saxon Saga Dice£12.00

SD03Viking Saga Dice (Out of Stock)£12.00

SD04Welsh Saga Dice£12.00

SD05Scots Saga Dice£12.00

SD06Christian Faction Dice£12.00

SD07Muslim Dice£12.00

SD08SAGA Roman & Briton Dice£12.00

SD09Teutonic Dice£12.00

SD10Saga Eastern Dice£12.00

SD11Order Dice£12.00

SD12Chaos Dice£12.00

SD13Magic Dice£10.00

SD14Age of Hannibal Punic/Carthaginian Dice£12.00

SD16Age of Hannibal Barbarian Dice£12.00

SD17Age of Hannibal Greek Dice£12.00

Saga Figures -

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SOM01Grand Commander of The Order Militant£4.25

SOM02Hexenjager (Pack One)£7.00

SOM03Hexenjager (Pack Two)£7.00

SOM04Order Militant Fanatics£14.00

SOM05Acolytes (Firearms) (12)£21.00

SOM06The Hauptmann, Right-hand to the Grand Commander£4.25

SOM07Hexencutioners (axes) (2)£5.00

SOM08Enforcers of Righteousness (Huge Swords) (2)£5.00

SOM09The Bishop (Sorcerer of Holy Light & Holy Flame)£4.25

SSC27Princess, Advisor and Useless Guards£7.00

Saga Figures - Carthaginians

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

HSB02Carthaginian Starter Warband (4 points)£46.00

SAHC01Carthaginian Mounted Warlord£4.25

SAHC02Carthaginian Mounted Hearthguards£14.00

SAHC03Carthaginian Hearthguards on Foot£7.00

SAHC04Carthaginian CITIZEN Warriors£14.00

SAHC05Cathaginian CONTINGENT Warriors on Foot£14.00

SAHC06Carthaginian CONTINGENT Warriors Mounted£28.00

SAHC07Carthaginian Elephant£15.00

SAHC08Carthaginian Levy JAVELINS£21.00

SAHC09Carthaginian Levy BOWS£21.00

Saga Figures - Goths

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

AASB06Goth Starter Warband (4 points)£45.50

SGH01aMounted Goth Warlord£4.25

SGH01bVisigoth Warlord£3.00

SGH01cVisigoth Warlord£3.00

SGH02Mounted Goth Hearthguards£14.00

SGH03Visigoth Hearthguard£7.00

SGH04Mounted Ostrogoth Warriors (8)£28.00

SGH05Goth Warriors£14.00

SGH06Goth Levy Archers£21.00


Saga Figures - Anglo-Dane Faction

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SSB02Starter Army - Anglo-Danish£38.00

SA01a Anglo-Danish Warlord A £3.00

SA01b Anglo-Danish Warlord B £3.00

SA02aAnglo-Danish Huscarls (axes) (Hearthguard) £7.00

SA02bAnglo Danish Hearthguard Axemen STANDING 1 point£7.00

SA03 Anglo-Danish Huscarls (spears) (Hearthguard) £7.00

SA04 Anglo-Danish Ceorls (Warriors) £14.00

SA05 £21.00

SWBB01Anglo Danish Warbanner Bearer£6.50

Saga Figures - Anglo-Saxon Faction

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SSB05SAGA Starter Army - Anglo-Saxon Warband£50.00

SWBB07Anglo-Saxon War Banner & Bearer£6.50

SX01aAnglo-Saxon Warlord a £3.00

SX01b Anglo-Saxon Warlord b £3.00

SX02 Anglo-Saxon Thegns (Hearthguard) £7.00

SX03 Anglo-Saxon Ceorls (Warriors) £14.00

SX04 £21.00

SX05 £21.00

SX06 £21.00

Saga Figures - Baggage

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SSC01 Baggage (Suitable For Escort Scenario (3 bases)) £22.00

Saga Figures - Breton Faction

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SB01 Breton Mounted Warlord £4.25

SB02 Breton Mounted Machiterns (Hearthguard) £14.00

SB03 Breton Mounted Soldiers (Warriors) £28.00

SB04 Breton Javelinmen (Levy) £21.00

SSB06SAGA Starter Army - Breton Warband£70.50

SWBB08Breton War Banner & Bearer£8.50

Saga Figures - Briton Faction

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

AAB01aBriton Mounted Warlord£4.25

AAB01bBriton Warlord Foot£3.00

AAB02Briton Commanipulares (Hearthguard) Mounted£14.00

AAB03Briton Commanipulares (Hearthguard) Foot£7.00

AAB04Briton Pedyt (Warriors)£14.00

AAB05/AAB07Briton Rustici (Levy) Slings/Javelins£21.00

AAB08Briton Companions Mounted£8.50

AAB09aBriton Companions Foot A£4.25

AASB01Aetius & Arthur - Briton Warband£46.00

SHAA04Arthur Pendragon, Dux Britanniarum£8.50

SWBB13Briton Warbanner Bearer£6.50

Saga Figures - Byzantine Faction

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SZ01Byzantine Mounted Warlord£4.25

SZ02Byzantine Kavallaroi£14.00

SZ03Byzantine Kavallaroi (bows)£14.00

SZ04Byzantine Kontaratoi£14.00

SZ05Byzantine Toxatoi£14.00

SZ06Byzantine Psiloi£21.00

SZ07Byzantine Emperor£4.25

SZ08Byzantine Mounted Kataphractoi£14.00

SZ11/SV08Harald Hardradda's Varangian Guard£7.00

SZ12/SV09Harald Hardradda's Varangian Guard (Double Handed Axes)£7.00

Saga Figures - Carolingian Faction

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SF01a Carolingian Mounted Warlord £4.25

SF01b Carolingian Warlord On Foot £3.00

SF02 Carolingian Mounted Hearthguard £14.00

SF03 Carolingian Hearthguard On Foot £7.00

SF04 Carolingian Mounted Warriors £28.00

SF05 Carolingian Warriors On Foot £14.00

SF06 Carolingian Warriors On Foot (Bow) £14.00

SF07Carolingian Levy (Javelins) £21.00

SSB11 Carolingian Franks Warband Starter (4 points) £51.00

Saga Figures - Era of Princes Rus Faction

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SP01Era Of The Princes Warlord£4.25

SP02Era Of The Princes Druzhina (Hearthguard)£14.00

SP03Era Of The Princes Militia (Warriors)£14.00

SP04Era Of The Princes Militia Bowmen (Levy)£21.00

SP05Black Hoods£28.00

SSB16Era Of Princes Rus Warband Starter (4 Points)£57.50

Saga Figures - Fatigue Markers

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SG01 Fatigue Markers - Casualties (4) (Out of Stock)£6.50

SG02 Fatigue Markers - Shields Round (10)£3.00

SG03 Fatigue Markers - Shields (Kite) (10) £3.00

SG04 Fatigue Markers - Norman Casualties £6.50

Saga Figures - Frank Faction

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

AAF01Salian/Merovingian Frank Warlord£3.00

AAF02Salian/Merovingian Frank Hearthguard£7.00

AAF03 Salian/Merovingian Frank Warriors (8) £14.00

AASB05Frankish Warband (4pts)£38.00

Saga Figures - Gallic

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

HSB03Gallic Warband (4 points)£51.00

SAHG01Gaul/ Celt Warlord£4.25

SAHG02Gaul/Celt Nobles (Hearthguards)£14.00

SAHG03Celt/Gaul Warriors (Foot)£14.00

SAHG04Gaul/Celt Warriors (Mounted)£28.00

SAHG05Gaul/Celt Javelinmen (Levy)£21.00

Saga Figures - Iberians

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

HSB04Iberian Warband£51.00

SAHI01Mounted Iberian Warlord£4.25

SAHI02Mounted Iberian Hearthguards£14.00

SAHI03Iberian Warriors on Foot£14.00

Saga Figures - Irish Faction

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SI01a Irish Warlord £3.00

SI01b Irish Warlord with Dane Axe £3.00

SI01cIrish Mounted Warlord £4.25

SI01dIrish Mounted Warlord £4.25

SI02 Irish Curaidh (Hearthguard Champions) £4.25

SI03 Irish Mounted Curaidh (Hearthguard Champions) £8.50

SI04 Irish Fianna (Hearthguards) £7.00

SI05 Irish Fianna (Hearthguards) (Dane Axes) £7.00

SI06 Irish Fianna (Hearthguard Mounted) £14.00

SI07 Irish Bonnachts (Warriors) £14.00

SI08 Irish Handler & Dogs £14.00

SI09Irish Kerns (Levy) (Javelins) £21.00

SSB12 Irish Warband Starter (4 points) £38.00

SWBB011Irish Warbanner Bearer£6.50

Saga Figures - Jomsviking Faction

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SJ01 Jomsviking Warlord £3.00

SJ02 Jomsvikings (Hearthguard) £7.00

SJ03 Jomsvikings Two (Hearthguard) £7.00

SJ04 Jomsviking Dreng One (Warriors) £14.00

SJ05 Jomsviking Dreng Two (Warriors) £14.00

SSB07Saga Starter Army - Jomsviking£38.00

SWBB09Jomsviking War Banner & Bearer£6.50

Saga Figures - Mercenaries

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SAHM01Mercenary Cretan Archers£14.00

SAHM02Mercenary Balearic Slingers£14.00

SAHM03Mercenary Psiloi£21.00

SAHM04Mercenary Thureophoroi£14.00

Saga Figures - Norman Faction

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SN01 Norman Warlord £4.25

SN02 Norman Knights (Hearthguard) £14.00

SN03 Norman Spearmen (Warriors) £14.00

SN04 Norman Crossbowmen (Warriors) £14.00

SN05 Norman Archers (Levy) £21.00

SSB01Starter Army - Norman£57.50

SWBB02Norman Warbanner Bearer£8.50

Saga Figures - Norse-Gael Faction

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SH01a Norse Gael Warlord £3.00

SH01b Norse Gael Warlord (Dane Axe) £3.00

SH02 Norse Gael Hearthguards £7.00

SH03 Norse Gael Hearthguards (Dane axes) £7.00

SH04 Norse Gael Warriors £14.00

SH05 Norse Gael Warriors (Dane Axes) £14.00

SH06Norse Gael Levy (Javelins) £21.00

SSB13 Norse Gael Warband Starter (4 points) £38.00

Saga Figures - Pagan Rus Faction

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SR01Pagan Rus Warlord£3.00

SR02Pagan Rus Varjazi (Hearthguard)£7.00

SR03Pagan Rus Miitia (Warriors)£14.00

SR04Pagan Rus Levy£21.00

SSB15Pagan Rus Warband Starter (4 Points)£44.50

SWBB012Pagan Rus Warbanner Bearer£6.50

Saga Figures - Pict Faction

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

AAP01bPict Warlord in Chariot£14.00

AAP02Pict Nobles (Hearthguard)£7.00

AAP03Pict Nobles Mounted (Hearthguard) £14.00

AAP04Pict Warriors£14.00

AAP05Pict Hunters (Levy)£21.00

AAP06Pict Hunters with Javelins (Levy)£21.00

AAP07Pict Hunters with Crossbows (Levy)£21.00

AASB03Pict Starter Warband (4pts)£58.50

Saga Figures - Republican Romans

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

HSB01Republican Roman Starter Warband (4 points)£52.00

SAHR01aRepublican Roman Consul/Tribune Mounted£4.25

SAHR01bRepublican Roman Consul on Foot£3.00

SAHR02Republican Roman Tribune/Consul Mounted£4.25

SAHR03Republican Roman Triari (Hearthguard)£7.00

SAHR04Republican Roman Hastati (Warriors)£14.00

SAHR05Republican Roman Mounted Warriors£28.00

SAHR06Republican Roman Velites (Levy)£21.00

Saga Figures - Roman Faction

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

AAR03Roman Hearthguard on Foot£7.00

AAR04Roman Pedites (Bows)£14.00

AAR06Roman Levy (Javelins)£21.00

AAR07Roman Levy (Spears)£21.00

SHAA03Aetius, Magister Militum£8.50

Saga Figures - Saga - Age of Magic

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

AoMSB01Undead Legion Warband£58.50

SSB25Shieldmaiden Warband£39.00

SSM01Shieldmaiden Warlord (1)£3.00

SSM02Shieldmaiden Hearthguard (4)£7.00

SSM03Shieldmaiden Berserkers (4)£7.00

SSM04Shieldmaiden Warriors (8)£14.00

SUD01Undead Legion Warlord (1)£4.25

SUD02Undead Legion Hearthguard (4)£7.00

SUD03Undead Legions Hearthguard /w Great Weapons (4)£7.00

SUD04Undead Legion Warriors (8)£14.00

SUD05Undead Legion Mindless (12)£21.00

SUD06Undead Legion Warriors Bows (8)£14.00

SWZ01The Ghost King Undead Sorcerer A£4.25

SWZ02The Shaman Sorcerer B£4.25

SWZ03The Enchantress of Wood and Meadow£4.25

SWZ04The Witch & her Cat (and Cauldron!)£5.00

SWZ05The Ghoul (Grendel)£3.00

Saga Figures - Saga Swords for Hire

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

MERC01Sea Wolves! (8)£14.00

MERC02Roman Deserters£14.00

SFH01 Jarl Sigvaldi & 3 Jomsvikings (inc. Fixed Warlord) £8.50

SFH02 Flemish Mercenaries (inc Rules Card) £14.00

SFH03 Egil Skallagrimson (inc Rules Card) £4.25

SFH04 The Gall-Gaedhil, Sons Of Death £14.00

SFH05Steppe Nomads£28.00

SFH06aWandering Bard A£3.00

SFH06bWandering Bard B£3.00

SFH06cWandering Bard Mounted£4.25

SFH07Angry Monks£21.00

SFH08aPersonal Champion A (1)£3.00

SFH08bPersonal Champion B (1)£3.00

Saga Figures - Saga. Heroes of the Viking Age

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SHVA01 Harald Hardradda £4.25

SHVA02 Ragnar Lothbrok £4.25

SHVA03 Harold & His Brothers £10.00

SHVA04 William The Bastard £8.50

SHVA05 Alfred The Great £4.25

SHVA06 Gunnar & Njal £8.50

SHVA07 Brodir of Man, The One Steel Cannot Bite..£4.25

SHVA08Maredudd ap Owain, King of Britons£4.25

SHVA09Hereward The Wake£4.25



SHVA12Vagn The Fearless£4.25

SHVA13Brian Boru£4.25

SHVA14Harald Hardradda, Captain of the Varangian Guard£4.25

SHVA15Ulf the Quarrelsome£4.25

SHVA16Charlemagne (Emperor of the West)£8.50


SHVA18Cnut the Great£12.00

SHVA19Kenneth MacAlpin, King of Alba£4.25

SHVA20Owen I, King of Strathclyde£12.00

SHVA21Rurik, First Varangian Prince.£4.25

SPR01SAGA Pagan Priest (1)£4.25

SPR05Pagan Priest 2£4.25

SPR06Christian Priest 2£4.25

SPR08SAGA Mounted Pagan Priest £7.00

SPR09 SAGA Mounted Celtic Christian Priest£7.00

SPR10 SAGA Mounted Priest£7.00

SPR11SAGA Pagan Priest 4 - The Blind Seer & His Boy£4.25

Saga Figures - Saxon Faction

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

AAS01Saxon Warlord£3.00

AAS01bSaxon Warlord B£3.00

AAS02Saxon Gedrihts (Hearthguard)£7.00

AAS03Saxon Duguth (Warriors)£14.00

AAS04Saxon Ceorls (Levy) Bows£21.00

AAS05Saxon Ceorls (Levy) Slings£21.00

AASB02Aetius & Arthur - Saxon Warband£38.00

SWBB14Saxon Warbanner Bearer£6.50

Saga Figures - Scenics

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SSB22SAGA Peasants & Townsfolk£28.00

SSB23Ecclesiastical Civilians£24.00

SSB24SAGA Livestock£24.00

SSC03Monks Parading Cross£7.00

SSC04Shepherds & Stockmen£7.00


SSC06Bishop and Attendant£3.50



SSC09Defenders of the Faith£7.00

SSC10Pious Monks£7.00


SSC12Slaver and Slaves£7.00

SSC13Celebrating Vikings£7.00

SSC14Ship's Captain Crew£7.00

SSC15Sheep (Manx Loaghtan)£7.00

SSC16Highland Cattle£7.00

SSC17Pack Pony (Kite Shield)£2.75

SSC18Pack Pony (Panniers)£2.75

SSC19Shaggy Pony (Bareback)£2.75

SSC20Riding Pony£2.75


SSC22Running Dogs£7.00

Saga Figures - Scots Faction

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SPR04Celtic Priest£4.25

SS01 Scots Warlord £3.00

SS01bScots Warlord B£3.00

SS02 Scots Thanes (Hearthguard) £7.00

SS03 Scots Soer-Chele (Warriors) £14.00

SS04 £21.00

SS05 £21.00

SSB08SAGA Starter Army - Scot Warband£38.00

SWBB10Scots War Banner & Bearer£6.50

Saga Figures - Steppe Tribes Faction

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SSB17Starter Army - Steppe Tribes£77.00

SST01aMounted Steppe Tribes Warlord A£4.25

SST01b Mounted Steppe Tribes Warlord B £4.25

SST02 Steppe Tribes Hearthguards£14.00

SST03 Steppe Tribes Warriors£28.00

SST04Steppe Tribes Archers (Levy)£21.00

Saga Figures - Strathclyde Faction

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SSB14 Strathclyde Warband Starter (4 points) £77.00

ST01 Strathclyde Mounted Warlord (Out of Stock)£4.25

ST01bStrathclyde Mounted Warlord B (Out of Stock)£4.25

ST02Strathclyde Mounted Teulu (Hearthguard) (Out of Stock)£14.00

ST04Strathclyde Warriors (Out of Stock)£14.00

ST05Strathclyde Levy (Javelins) (Out of Stock)£21.00

Saga Figures - Teutonic Knights

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SKN01BOrdenstaat Warlord Heavy Weapon£3.00

SKN01aOrdenstaat Warlord£4.25

SKN02Ordenstaat Hearthguard Great Weapons£7.00

SKN03Ordenstaat Hearthguard£7.00

SPR12Ordenstaat (Teutonic) Bishop£7.00

SWBB15Mounted Ordenstaat War Banner & Bearer£8.00

SWBB16Foot Ordenstaat War Banner & Bearer£6.50

Saga Figures - Viking

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SSM05Shieldmaiden Archers (Levy)£21.00

Saga Figures - Viking Faction

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SSB21Viking Warband (6 points)£63.00

SSB03Starter Army - Viking£38.00

SV01aViking Warlord A£3.00

SV01b Viking Walord b £3.00

SV02 Viking Hirdmen( Hearthguard) £7.00

SV03 Viking Berserker (Hearthguard) £7.00

SV04 Viking Bondi (Warriors) £14.00

SV05 Viking Archers (Levy) £21.00

SV06 Varangian Guard (Hearthguard for SHVA01) £7.00

SV07 Varangian Guard with Axes (Hearthguard for SHVA01) £7.00

SWBB03Viking Warbanner Bearer£6.50

Saga Figures - Welsh Faction

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SSB04Starter Army - Welsh £50.00

SW01 Welsh Warlord £3.00

SW01b Welsh Warlord (Mounted} £4.25

SW01cMounted Welsh Warlord 2£4.25

SW02 Welsh Teulu (Hearthguard) £7.00

SW03 Welsh Mounted Teulu (Hearthguard) £14.00

SW04 Welsh Priodaur (Warriors) £14.00

SW05Mounted Welsh Warriors (Out of Stock)£28.00

SW06Welsh Bonnedig (Levy - BOWS)£21.00

SW07Welsh Bonnedig (Levy - JAVELINS)(12) 1 point£21.00

SWBB04Welsh Warbanner Bearer£6.50

Saga Rulebooks - Wargames Rules

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

BP1613SAGA Rulebook Version 2£10.00

BP1614SAGA Age of Vikings (Supplement)£30.00

BP1631SAGA Age of Crusades (Supplement)£30.00

BP1659SAGA Book of Battles£13.00

BP1680Saga: Age of Magic£30.00

BP1735SAGA - Age of Hannibal (Out of Stock)£30.00

BP1804SAGA Age of Invasions£30.00