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Plastic Figures - Dark Ages

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

GBP01Viking Hirdmen£22.00

GBP02Saxon Thegns£22.00

GBP03Dark Age Warriors£22.00

GBP04Arab Spearmen & Archers£22.00

GBP05Arab Heavy Cavalry£22.00

GBP06Arab Light Cavalry & Horse Archers£22.00

GBP13Dark Age Archers£18.00

GBP16Dark Age Cavalry£22.00

GBP21Goth Noble Cavalry£22.00

GBP26Goth Elite Cavalry£22.00

Plastic Figures - Romans

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GBP09Late Roman Infantry (plastic)£22.00

GBP18Late Roman Heavy Cavalry£22.00

GBP23Late Roman Light Cavalry£22.00

GBP28Late Roman Cataphracts£22.00

Wargames Rules - Ancients

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

BP1734SWORDPOINT Rulebook (Version 2)£16.00

BP1558Dark Age Armies - Swordpoint £16.00

BP1576Swordpoint: Classical Armies£18.00

BP1591Swordpoint Medieval Army Lists£17.00

BP1607Swordpoint: Chariot Army Period Lists£12.00

BP1630Swordpoint Charlemagne£12.00

BP1682SWORDPOINT To the Ends of the Earth£17.00

BP1708Milites Mundi£15.00

BP1726SWORDPOINT Genghis Khan (Supplement)£12.00