North Star Kadesh (14 products found)

New Kingdom Egyptians - New Kingdom Egyptians

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

NSK1001Pharaoh in Chariot (Out of Stock)£10.00

NSK1002Egyptian Light Chariot (Out of Stock)£9.75

NSK1003Egyptian Spearmen (Out of Stock)£6.00

NSK1004Egyptian Archers (Out of Stock)£6.00

NSK1005Egyptian Command Group (Out of Stock)£6.00

NSK1006Egyptian Axemen (Out of Stock)£6.00

NSK1007Egyptian Light Chariot II (Out of Stock)£9.75

Sea Peoples - Sea Peoples

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

NSK2001Sea People Warriors (Out of Stock)£6.00

NSK2002Sherden Guard (Out of Stock)£6.00

NSK2000aArmoured Sea Peoples Swordsman (Out of Stock)£1.50

NSK2000bSherden Guard Musician (Out of Stock)£1.50

NSK2000cSherden Guard Officer (Out of Stock)£1.50

NSK2000dSea Peoples Officer (Out of Stock)£1.50

NSK2000eSea Peoples Musician (Out of Stock)£1.50