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Painting Guides - History Books

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BP1422Painting War 1: German Army WW2£21.00

BP1431Painting War 2: Napoleonic French.£21.00

BP1469Painting War 3: Japan and USA WW2£21.00

BP1485Painting War 4: Napoleonic British£21.00

BP1504Painting War 5: Spanish Civil War£21.00

BP1526Painting WAR 6 - FEUDAL JAPAN£21.00

BP1549Painting War 7: Dark Ages£21.00

BP1583Painting War 8: ACW£21.00

BP1676Painting War 9: Holy War£21.00

BP1731Painting War 10: The Wild West£21.00

Wargames Rules - 17th Century

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BP1477Liber Militum: Tercio - 30 Year Wars rules£15.00

BP1554Kingdoms - Expansion for Tercios£15.00