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American Adventurers Abroad - Pulp Era Adventures

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

PYS 01U.S. Naval Officers & NCOs £10.50

PYS 02U.S. Naval Deck Crew£10.50

PYS 03U.S. Gunboat Shore Party w/Rifles£10.50

PYS 04U.S. Gunboat Sailors/Lewis Guns£10.50

PYS 06U.S. Sailors Shore Party£10.50

PYS 08U.S. Marines/Tropical/Montana Hat 1£10.50

PYS 09U.S. Marines/Tropical/Montana Hat (unit builder)£10.50

PYS 10U.S. Marines/Tropical/Montana Hat 2£10.50

PYS 11Marine Lewis & Browning Mgs/Tropical/Montana Hat£10.50

PYS 12Marines/Tropical/ Tin Hats 1£10.50

PYS 13Marines/Tropical/ Tin Hats 2£10.50

PYS 20U.S. Rocket Corps Flying£10.50

PYS 21U.S. Rocket Corps Landed 1£10.50

PYS 22U.S. Rocket Corps Landed 2£10.50

PYS 306 Pound Hotchkiss Deck Guns£10.50

China Station - Pulp Era Adventures

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

PCS 01The Court of Sinister Doctor Koo£10.50

PCS 02The Palanquin of Dr. Koo£10.50

PCS 03Tong #1 £10.50

PCS 04 Tong #2 £10.50

PCS 05 Tong #3 £10.50

PCS 06 Chinese Street £10.50

PCS 07Giant Oriental Drum£10.50

PCS 09 Chinese Baggage Carriers £10.50

PCS 10 Buddhist Monks £10.50

PCS 11 River Pirates £10.50

PCS 15Tong Warriors w/ Assorted Weapons #1£10.50

PCS 20Daughters of the East£10.50

PCS 30Notorious Warlord Chun King£10.50

PCS 31Warlord Soldiers w/Sub Machine Guns£10.50

PCS 36Peasant Soldiers #1£10.50

PCS 37Peasant Soldiers #2£10.50

PCS 38Peasant Soldiers #3£10.50

Far Flung French - Pulp Era Adventures

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

PFR 01Major LeDuc's Enfants Terrible£10.50

PFR 02Legionnaire Rifles 1£10.50

PFR 03Scruffy Legionnaires£10.50

PFR 04Foreign Legion Officers #1£10.50

Gangland Justice - Pulp Era Adventures

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

PGJ 01Agents of Justice£10.50

PGJ 02Bugs Malarchy's Mob£10.50

PGJ 03Dime Store Tough Guys£10.50

PGJ 04These Guns For Hire£10.50

PGJ 05Two Bit Hoods£10.50

PGJ 06Boys in Blue 1£10.50

PGJ 07Boys In Blue 2£10.50

PGJ 08Gumshoes£10.50

PGJ 09News Hounds£10.50

PGJ 10Pugsy Flannagan Goes Down in d'Third£10.50

PGJ 11Boss McCoy's Office£10.50

PGJ 12Femme Fatales£10.50

PGJ 13A Cheap Magic Act£10.50

PGJ 15Surly Servants£10.50

PGJ 16The 16th Precinct£10.50

PGJ 17Police Special Weapons£10.50

PGJ 18Boys of the Bowery£10.50

PGJ 19Delancy Street Characters£10.50

PGJ 20Jinx Johnson's Harlem Jazz Quartet£10.50

PGJ 21Mysterious Masked Avengers£10.50

PGJ 22Gangland Gals£10.50

Heroes and Personalities - Pulp Era Adventures

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

PHP 01The Film Crew£10.50

PHP 02Rugged Heroes£10.50

PHP 03Sinister Spies£10.50

PHP 04Dangerous Dames 1£10.50

PHP 05Doc Thompson & his Fabulous Four£10.50

PHP 06Scientific Masterminds£10.50

PHP 07General Cappy Boyd & his Expatriate Mercenaries£10.50

PHP 08Safari Into Danger£10.50

PHP 09Freakish Flunkies£10.50

PHP 10Stalwart Companions£10.50

PHP 11Buzz Barker's Island Hoppers£10.50

PHP 12Crash Connor's Gyro Raiders 1£10.50

PHP 13Crash Connor's Gyro Raiders 2£10.50

PHP 14Rugged Archeologists£10.50

PHP 15Istanbul Constabulary£10.50

PHP 16Courageous Mountaineers£10.50

PHP 17Count Casamir's Trans-Siberian Renegades£10.50

PHP 18Rugged Sons of the Empire£10.50

PHP 19Dangerous Dames 2£10.50

PHP 20Rugged Adventuresses£10.50

PHP 21The Lady's Exploration Society£10.50

PHP 22The Daughters of the Empire£10.50

PHP 23Exotic Pets£10.50

PHP 24Rugged Accessories #1£10.50

PHP 25Crash Callahan & Fred£10.50

PHP 26Lady Rathbone's Raiders£10.50

PHP 27Renegades Of Kashgar£10.50

PHP 32Kojar of the Jungle£10.50

PHP 33Killer Apes£10.50

Imperial Germany - Pulp Era Adventures

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

PGS 01German Seebataillon Officers£10.50

PGS 02German Seebataillon NCOs£10.50

PGS 03German Seebataillon Troops 1£10.50

PGS 04German Seebataillon Troops 2£10.50

PGS 05German Seebataillon Maxim Gun Crew£10.50

PGS 06German Seebataillon advancing (unit builder)£10.50

PGS 07German Seebataillon firing (unit builder)£10.50

PGS 15German Colonial Rifles£10.50

PGS 16German Colonial Officers and NCOs£10.50

PGS 17German Colonial Maxim Guns£10.50

PGS 20German Zeppelin Crewmen£10.50

PGS 21Zeppelin Troopen 1£10.50

PGS 22Zeppelin Troopen 2£10.50

PGS 23Zeppelin Troopen Gasmasks 1£10.50

PGS 24Zeppelin Troopen Gasmasks 2£10.50

Imperial Japan - Pulp Era Adventures

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

PJE 01Japanese Naval Landing Command£10.50

PJE 02Japanese Naval Troops/Helmets£10.50

PJE 03Japanese Naval Troops (Unit Builder)£10.50

PJE 04Japanese Naval Troops/Soft Hats£10.50

PJE 05Japanese Naval/Soft Hats (Unit Builder)£10.50

Mystery and Horror - Pulp Era Adventures

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

PMH 01Drawing Room Detectives£10.50

PMH 02Significant Clues£10.50

PMH 03Arcane Academics£10.50

PMH 04Student Investigators£10.50

PMH 05Shrine of the Grail£10.50

PMH 06Altar of Evil£10.50

PMH 07The Night Caravan£10.50

PMH 08Mediums & Mystics£10.50

PMH 09Devilics Accoutrements£10.50

PMH 10Dracula Has Risen!£10.50

PMH 11Triumph of Frankenstein!£10.50

PMH 12The Return of The Bride£10.50

PMH 13The Beasts of Doctor Moreau£10.50

Savage Seas - Pulp Era Adventures

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

PSS 01Tramp Steamer Sailors 1£10.50

PSS 02Tramp Steamer Sailors 2£10.50

PSS 03Tramp Steamer Sailors 3£10.50

PSS 04Tropical Castaways£10.50

PSS 05Merchant Sailors with Rifles£10.50

PSS 06Captains Courageous£10.50

PSS 07Merchant Sailor Gun Crews£10.50

PSS 08Light Deck Weapons£10.50

PSS 09Naval Deck Equipment£10.50

PSS 10The Volcano Queen£10.50

PSS 11Melanesian Island Warriors 1£10.50

PSS 12Melanesian Island Warriors 2£10.50

PSS 13Melanesian Island Warriors 3£10.50

PSS 14Melanesian Islanders w/Bows£10.50

PSS 15Islander Provisional Fighters£10.50

The British Empire - Pulp Era Adventures

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

PBT 05Sikh Rifles£10.50

PBT 06Sikh Special Weapons£10.50

PBT 07Sikh Rifles (Unit Builder)£10.50

PBT 10Highland Infantry Rifles£10.50

PBT 11Highland Special Weapons£10.50

PBT 12Highland Infantry Command£10.50

PBT 16Royal Navy Deck Crew£10.50

PBT 17British Sailors w/rifles£10.50

PBT 18British Sailors w/Rifles & Helmets£10.50

PBT 20Thuggee Stranglers£10.50

PBT 21Thuggee w/ separate assorted Weapons & Picks£10.50

PBT 22Thuggee Fighters w/Muskets£10.50

PBT 23Thuggee Fighters w/Martini Rifles£10.50

PBT 24The Mad Guru£10.50

PBT 25The Sergeants 3 & Din£10.50

PBT 26A 1930's Version of the Sergeants 3£10.50

PBT 27Thuggee Muskets #2£10.50

Weird Menace - Pulp Era Adventures

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

PWM 01Weird Villains 1£10.50

PWM 02She-Wolves 1£10.50

PWM 03She-Wolf Unit Builder£10.50

PWM 04Evil Hooded Minions 1£10.50

PWM 05Evil Hooded Minions 2£10.50

PWM 06Evil Hooded Minion Master£10.50

PWM 07Cowled Cultists 1.£10.50

PWM 08Gasmask Cultists 1£10.50

PWM 09Gasmask Cultists 2£10.50

PWM 10Cringing Captives£10.50

PWM 11Callous Captors£10.50

PWM 12Mad Science 1.£10.50

PWM 13Dr. Promethius & his Death Ray.£10.50

PWM 14Promethian Killer Robots£10.50

PWM 15Dr. Promethius' Electro Laboratory£10.50

PWM 16Radon Zombies of the Ionosphere 1£10.50

PWM 17Radon Zombies of the Ionosphere 2£10.50

PWM 18Radon Zombies of the Ionosphere 3£10.50

PWM 19Female Cowled Cultists.£10.50

PWM 20The Evil High Priestess£10.50

PWM 30Stahl-Mask's Doom Squad.£10.50

PWM 31Arrogant Gestapo Officers£10.50

PWM 32Arresting Gestapo Troopers.£10.50

PWM 33Impassive Gestapo Guards£10.50

PWM 35Scouring Gestapo Guards.£10.50

PWM 36She-Wolves 2£10.50

PWM 37German Jet Troopen #1£10.50

PWM 38German Jet Troopen #2£10.50

Western/ Mexican Rev. - Pulp Era Adventures

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

PMX 01Villista Banditos£10.50

PMX 02Vaqueros Americanos.£10.50

PMX 03Zapatista/Peones Rifles£10.50

PMX 04Americano Mercenarios£10.50

PMX 05Mexican Federale Rifles£10.50

PMX 06Mexican Federale Officer£10.50

PMX 07Federale Riders #1£10.50

PMX 08Villista Riders #1£10.50

PMX 09Villista Army of the North£10.50

PMX 10Saguero Cacti£10.50

PMX 11Ol' Muley the Prospector£10.50

PMX 12Vultures£10.50

PMX 13Zapatista Peones£10.50

Wizards - Wizards

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

GoB001Gasgroyle of Bazar£10.50

GoB002The Dongo Brothers: Thugs for Hire£10.50

Yukon Peril - Pulp Era Adventures

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

PYP 01Sgt. Prestown of the Yukon£10.50

PYP 02Northland Adventurers£10.50

PYP 03Sgt. Prestown's Canoe (resin canoe)£10.50

PYP 04Trapper Canoe (resin canoe)£10.50

PYP 05The Scarlet Patrol£10.50

PYP 06The Mad Trappers of Rat River£10.50

PYP 07Tree-Line Tough Guys£10.50

1066 -

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

PULPDeal'I want some Pulp Figures cheap' deal£52.50

NSS102Wire Spears (x20)£6.00

1066 - Civilians

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

10451Medieval Mule Train£10.50

10452Peasant Villagers #1£10.50

10453Isobel Of Conches£10.50

10455Early Medieval Clergy£10.50

10456High Born Ladies£10.50

1066 - Normans

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

10601Duke William Of Normandy£10.50

10602 Bishop Odo Of Bayeux£10.50

10603Norman Commanders On Foot£10.50

10604Armoured Norman Crossbows£10.50

10605Mounted Norman Knights #1£10.50

10606Mounted Norman Knights #2£10.50

10607Mounted Norman Knights #3£10.50

10608Norman Archers£10.50

10609Armoured Norman Spears Unit Builder£10.50

10610Unarmoured Norman Spears Unit Builder£10.50

10611 Mounted Norman Knights #4£10.50

1066 - Saxons

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

10501King Harold Godwinson£10.50

10502Saxon Foot Command£10.50

10503Saxon Warriors w/ Dane Axes£10.50

10504Saxon Fast Melee Warriors£10.50

10505Mounted Armoured Saxon Warriors£10.50

10506Saxon Archers£10.50

10507Saxon Slingers£10.50

10508Peasant Levy #1£10.50

10509Armoured Saxon Spears Unit Builder£10.50

10510Unarmoured Saxon Spears Unit Builder£10.50

10511Saxon Un-armoured Riders£10.50