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Crimean War - Artillery

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CBA1Royal Artillery 9pdr gun with four crew in shakos£10.00

CRA01Russian 12pdr gun and four crew£10.00

CRA03Russian 36pdr Naval Gun£10.00

Crimean War - British

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CB01British Command Advancing, Shakos£9.00

CB02British Centre Companies in Shakos, Advancing£9.00

CB03British Light/ Flank Company in Shakos, Advancing.£9.00

CB04British Command Advancing in Forage caps£9.00

CB05British Centre Company Advancing in Forage Caps£9.00

CB06British Light/ Flank Company Advancing in Forage Caps£9.00

CB07British Centre Company in Shakos Firing.£9.00

CB08British Light/ Flank Company in Shako Firing.£9.00

CB09British Centre Company in Forage Caps Firing£9.00

CB10British Light/ Flank Company in Forage Caps Firing£9.00

CB11Fusilier/ Light Infantry Command in Shakos £9.00

CB15Coldstream Guards Command£9.00

CB16Coldstream Guards Advancing£9.00

CB17Grenadier Guard Command Group£9.00

CB17aGuard Officer with Cup of Tea£2.50

CB17b'Black Bottle!' Teatime Atkins£2.50

CB18Grenadier Guards Advancing£9.00

CB19Scots Fusilier Guards Command Group£9.00

CB20Scots Fusilier Guards Advancing.£9.00

CB21 Highland command advancing£9.00

CB22Highlanders advancing£9.00



CB2593rd Sutherland Highlanders command£9.00

CB26Rifle Brigade command£9.00

CB27 Rifle Brigade skirmishing£9.00

CB29 British Centre Company advancing in Knapsacks£9.00

CB30British Flank Company advancing in Knapsacks£9.00

CB31Lord Raglan and staff£9.00


CB36Duke of Cambridge and mounted Guards colonel£9.00

CB37General Cathcart and Staff Officer£9.00

CB38British Line Infantry Casualties£9.00

CB39British Line Infantry Charging£9.00

CB40British Line Infantry Flank Company Charging£9.00

CB41British Rifle Brigade Command in Forage Caps£9.00

CB42British Rifle Brigade in Forage Caps£9.00

CB43British Infantry in Greatcoats and Forage Caps Command£9.00

CB44British Infantry in Great Coat & Forage Cap Advancing£9.00

CB45British Infantry in Greatcoats & Forage Caps Attacking£9.00

CB4621st (Royal North British Fusiliers) Regiment Command£9.00

CB4721st (Royal North British Fusiliers) Regt.£9.00

CBC01British Lancer command£13.50

CBC02British Lancers charging£13.50

CBC03Hussar command (officer, bugler, trooper) (Out of Stock)£13.50

CBC05British Light Dragoon command (Out of Stock)£13.50

CBC06British Light Dragoons Charging (Out of Stock)£13.50

CBC07Lord Cardigan & Lord Lucan£9.00

CBC08Charge of the Light Brigade characters£13.50

CBC11Royal Scots Greys£13.50

Crimean War - British (CONTINUED...)

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CBC12Royal Scots Greys Command£13.50

CBC13Inniskilling Dragoons£13.50

CBC14Inniskilling Dragoon Command.£13.50

Crimean War - Flags

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Finial1Flag Finial£0.60

Finial2Flag Finial (Ribbon)£0.60

BRC001British 1st Division Infantry Flags (Sheet 1 of 3)£4.00

BRC002 British 1st Division Infantry Flags (Sheet 2 of 3)£4.00

BRC003British 1st Division Infantry Flags (Sheet 3 of 3)£4.00

BRC004 British 1st & 2nd Division Infantry Flags (Siege of Sevastopol reinforcements)£4.00

BRC005 British 2nd Division Infantry Flags (Sheet 1 of 4)£4.00

BRC006British 2nd Division Infantry Flags (Sheet 2 of 4)£4.00

BRC007 British 2nd Division Infantry Flags (Sheet 3 of 4)£4.00

BRC008British 2nd Division Infantry Flags (Sheet 4 of 4)£4.00

BRC009 British 3rd Division Infantry Flags (Sheet 1 of 5)£4.00

BRC010 British 3rd Division Infantry Flags (Sheet 2 of 5)£4.00

BRC011British 3rd Division Infantry Flags (Sheet 3 of 5)£4.00

BRC012British 3rd Division Infantry Flags (Sheet 4 of 5£4.00

BRC013British 3rd Division Infantry Flags (Sheet 5 of 5) and Siege of Sevastopol reinforcement£4.00

BRC014 British 4th Division Infantry Flags (Sheet 1 of 4)£4.00

BRC015British 4th Division Infantry Flags (Sheet 2 of 4£4.00

BRC016 British 4th Division Infantry Flags (Sheet 3 of 4)£4.00

BRC017British 4th Division Infantry Flags (Sheet 4 of 4)£4.00

BRC018British Highland Division Infantry Flags (Sheet 1 of 4)£4.00

BRC019British Highland Division Infantry Flags (Sheet 2 of 4)£4.00

BRC020 British Highland Division Infantry Flags (Sheet 3 of 4)£4.00

BRC021 British Highland Division Infantry Flags (Sheet 4 of 4)£4.00

BRC022 British Light Division Infantry Flags (Sheet 1 of 4)£4.00

BRC023British Light Division Infantry Flags (Sheet 2 of 4)£4.00

BRC024 British Light Division Infantry Flags (Sheet 3 of 4) (Out of Stock)£4.00

BRC025 British Light Division Infantry Flags (Sheet 4 of 4)£4.00

BRC026British Swiss Legion Infantry Flags£4.00

FRC001France: 1st Division Flags£4.00

FRC002France: 2nd Division Flags (Sheet 1)£4.00

FRC003France: 2nd Division Flags (Sheet 2)£4.00

FRC004France: 3rd Division Flags£4.00

FRC005France: 4th Division Flags£4.00

FRC007France: Tirailleur & Foreign Legion Flags£4.00

FRC008France: Imperial Guard Flags£4.00

FRC009France: Cavalry Flags£4.00

RUS001Russia: Line Infantry Flags£4.00

RUS002Russia: 33rd Moscow Musketeer Regiment, Anniversary Ribbon.£4.00

RUS003Russia: Jaeger Infantry Flags£4.00

RUS004Russia: Jaeger and Carabinier Infantry Flags£4.00

RUS005Russia: 1st Grenadier Division Flags£4.00

RUS006Russia: 2nd Grenadier Division Flags£4.00

RUS007Russia: 3rd Grenadier Division Flags£4.00

RUS008Russia: Rifle Battalion Flags£4.00

RUS009Russia: Pioneer and Naval Flags£4.00

RUS010Russia: Life Guard Flags£4.00

RUS011Russia: Line & Life Guard Cavalry Flags£4.00

RUS012Russia: Irregular/ Cossack cavalry Flags£4.00

Crimean War - French

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CF01French Line Infantry Command in Kepi£9.00

CF02French Line Infantry advancing in Kepi£9.00

CF04French Line Infantry Flank Company Advancing in Kepi£9.00

CF06French Line Infantry Command in Shakos£9.00

CF07French Line Infantry advancing in shako£9.00

CF09French Line Infantry Flank Company Advancing in Shako.£9.00

CF11French Line Chasseur Command£9.00

CF12French Line Chasseur advancing£9.00

CF13French Line Chasseur firing line£9.00

CF19French Guard Grenadier Command£9.00

CF20French Guard Grenadier Advancing£9.00

CF21French Guard Voltigeur Command£9.00

CF22French Guard Voltigeur Advancing£9.00

CF23French Guard Chasseur Command£9.00

CF24AFrench Guard Chasseur Marching.£9.00

CF24BFrench Guard Chasseur Advancing.£9.00

CF35French Line Chasseur 'At The Trail'£9.00

Crimean War - Regimental Deals

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CWR1British Regiment in Forage Caps£32.40

CWR2British Regiment in Shakos£32.40

CWR3Coldstream Guard Regiment£32.40

CWR4Russian Regiment in Helmets£32.40

CWR6Highland Regiment£32.40

CWR7A Thin Red Streak tipped with a line of Steel.£32.40

CWR8Scots Fusilier Guard Regiment£32.40

CWR9Grenadier Guard Regiment Pack£32.40

Crimean War - Russians

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CR01Russian Command in Helmets Advancing.£9.00

CR02Russian Infantry in Helmets Advancing£9.00

CR03Russian Infantry in Helmets Firing£9.00

CR04Russian Grenadiers in Helmets, Advancing.£9.00

CR05Russian Grenadiers in Helmets Firing.£9.00

CR06Russian Command in Forage Caps Advancing£9.00

CR07Russian Infantry in Forage Caps Advancing£9.00

CR08Russian Infantry in Forage Caps Firing£9.00

CR09Russian Grenadiers in Forage Caps Advancing£9.00

CR10Russain Grenadiers in Forage Caps Firing£9.00

CR11Mounted Russian Officers in Helmets£9.00

CR12Mounted Russian Officers in Caps£9.00

CR14Baron Osten Sacken and Staff£9.00

CR16 Russian sailors advancing£9.00

CR18Russian NCOs Dressing the Ranks£9.00

CR19Russian Infantry Casualties£9.00

CRC01Russian Dragoon Command I£13.50

CRC02Russian Dragoon Command II£13.50

CRC03Russian Dragoons wearing Helmets£13.50

CRC04Russian Dragoons wearing Caps£13.50

CRC05Russian Hussar command. Officer, bugler, standard bearer.£13.50

CRC06Russian Hussars in shakos£13.50

CRC07Russian Hussars in caps£13.50

CRC08Russian Cossack Command£13.50

CRC09Russian Cossacks£13.50

World War One - American Army WW1

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

US001US Officers and NCOs£9.00

US002US Infantry with Backpacks£9.00

US003US Infantry in Light Kit£9.00

US004US Hotchkiss Heavy Machine Gun£9.00

US005US Browning Heavy Machine Gun£9.00

US006US Infantry with Chauchat Light Machine Guns£9.00

US007US Infantry Bombers£9.00

World War One - Artillery

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F119M1897 75mm field gun£9.00

GUN10British Artillery Horse Limber£36.00

GUN1British 13pdr Mk1 Gun£9.00

GUN2British 18pdr Gun£9.00

GUN3British Ammunition Wagon£9.00

GUN4German 77mm FK96 Gun£9.00

World War One - Belgian Army 1914

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

BL100Belgian Officers and NCOs£9.00

BL101Infantry in Shakos and packs£9.00

BL102Grenadiers/ Infantry in Caps£9.00


BL104Maxim HMG with Crew in Shakos£9.00

BL105Belgian Maxim HMG with Grenadier Crew£9.00

BL106Maxim HMG with Carabinier Crew£9.00

World War One - British Army 1914

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

B100British Officers and NCOs£9.00

B101British Infantry Advancing£9.00

B102British Infantry Skirmishing£9.00

B103British Vickers Gun £9.00

B104Scottish Command£9.00


B106Highland HMG£9.00

B107Lowland Scots Infantry£9.00

B108Lowland Scot Heavy Machine Gun£9.00

B109British Staff Officers£9.00

B110British Casualties£9.00

B112British Artillery Crew£9.00

B113British Cavalry Command£9.00

B114British Cavalry with Swords£9.00

B115British Cavalry with Lances£9.00

B117Dismounted British Cavalry (1914)£9.00

B118British Cavalry Vickers Team£9.00

B119British Cavalry Machine Gun Wagon£22.50

B120British Infantry Machine Gun Wagon£18.00

B125British Leach Trench Catapult£9.00

World War One - British Army 1917-1918

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

B001British Officers and NCOs£9.00

B002British Infantry Advancing£9.00

B003British Infantry Advancing II£9.00

B004British Infantry In Gasmasks£9.00

B005British with Lewis Guns£9.00

B006British Trench Raiders£9.00

B007British Vickers Machine Gun£9.00

B008British 3inch Mortar£9.00

B009British Command Group£9.00

B010British Infantry in Cold Weather Clothing£9.00


B012Highlander Command£9.00

B013British Bombers£9.00

B014British Casualties£9.00

B015British Signallers£9.00

B016British Characters£9.00

B017British Command in Gas Masks£9.00

B018British Tank Crews£9.00

B019British 2-inch Toffee Apple Mortar£9.00

B020British Infantry Marching£9.00

B021British Artillery Crew£9.00

B022British Cavalry Command£9.00

B023British Cavalry with Swords£9.00

B024British Cavalry with Lances£9.00

B025British Cavalry with Rifles£9.00

B026Dismounted British Cavalry (1918)£9.00

World War One - French Army 1914

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

F100French officers and NCOs£9.00

F101French Infantry Advancing£9.00

F102French Infantry Advancing in Packs£9.00

F103French St. Etienne Machine Gun£9.00

F104French Infantry Advancing in Light Equipment£9.00

F105French Infantry Skirmishing in Light Equipment£9.00

F106French Officers and NCOs II£9.00

F107French Infantry Skirmishing£9.00

F108French Staff Officers£9.00

F110French Dragoon Command£9.00

F111French Dragoons£9.00

F114French Cuirassier Command£9.00

F115French Cuirassiers (pack 1)£9.00

F116French Cuirassiers (pack 2)£9.00

F120French Artillery crew in kepis£9.00

World War One - German Army 1914

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

G100German Officers and NCOs£9.00

G101German Infantry Advancing£9.00

G102German Infantry Skirmishing£9.00

G103German Infantry in Feldmutze£9.00

G104German Heavy Machine Gun£9.00

G105German Jaeger Command£9.00

G106German Jaegers£9.00

G107German Jaeger Heavy Machine Gun£9.00

G108German Field Artillery Crew£9.00

G109German 25mm Minewerfer£9.00

G110German High Command 1914£9.00

G111German Uhlan Command£9.00

G112German Uhlans£9.00

G113Dismounted German Uhlans£9.00

G114German Casualties£9.00

G115German Hussar Command£9.00

G116German Hussars£9.00

World War One - German Army 1916-1918

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

G001German Officers and NCOs£9.00

G002German Infantry in Assault Packs£9.00

G003German Infantry in Assault Packs II£9.00

G004German Infantry in Gasmask (Out of Stock)£9.00

G005German Light Machine Guns£9.00

G006German Trench Raiders£9.00

G007German maxim Machine Gun£9.00

G008German 76mm Minewerfer.£9.00

G009German Infantry in Light Equipment£9.00

G010Germans with Bergman SMGs£9.00

G011German Command Group£9.00

G012German Specialists£9.00

G013German Stormtroopers£9.00

G014German Stormtroopers II£9.00

G015German Casualties£9.00

G016German Command and Support in Gasmasks£9.00

G017German 3.7cm TAK anti-tank Gun£9.00

G018German Artillery Crew£9.00

G019German Snipers£9.00

G020German Uhlan Command (1918)£9.00

G021German Uhlans (1918)£9.00

G022German Uhlans II (1918) £9.00

World War One - Tanks

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

WGB-FI-111Renault FT-17 Light Tank£25.00

WGB-GW-104A7V, German WWI Tank£33.00

WGB-GW-105WWI French St. Chamond Tank£33.00

WGB-GW-108Mark IV (Male), British WWI Tank£33.00

WGB-GW-109Mark IV (Female), British WWI Tank£33.00

WGB-GW-110Mark IV (Hermaphrodite) British WWI Tank£33.00