Sarissa Precision (60 products found)

Black Powder -

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L021Gabion Redoubt Set (28mm)£7.50

Dark Ages - Dark Ages

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J007Norman Manor House£25.00

J008Norman Keep£25.00

J009Timber-Planked Barn£12.50

J010Cart Barn/Forge/Stable£7.50

J011Saxon/Norman Church£20.00

J012Timber-Planked House/Barn£12.50

J013Timber A-Frame Hut£7.50

J014Timber-Frame House/Workshop£7.50

J015Timber-Framed Grain Store£7.50

J016Timber-Framed Manor House£12.50

J017Celtic Roundhouse£10.00

J018Viking Longhouse I£25.00

J019Viking Longhouse II£25.00

J020Ox Cart£3.50

J022Provincial Roman Villa£25.00

J023Dark Age Longship£17.50

J024Dark Age Villa Farmstead£25.00

J001Wooden Palisade Stairs£5.00

J002Wooden Palisade Corner£5.00

J003Wooden Palisade Gate£7.50

J004Wooden Palisade 1/2 Wall (Straight Set)£5.00

J005Wooden Palisade Wall (Straight)£5.00

J006Wooden Palisade Watch Tower (Straight)£7.50

North American - North American

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G060Colonial Paddle Steamer£45.00

G062Ironclad Gunboat£35.00

G063Ironclad 'Monitor'£20.00

G090Colonial Paddle Steamer 2£45.00

G091Ironclad CSS Virginia 'Merrimack'£40.00

Streets of Rome -

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T003Lower Rank Shops£17.50

T004Lower Rank Insula Corner£12.50

T005Middle Rank Traders£22.50

T006Middle Rank Shops£20.00

T007Upper Rank Forum Corner£25.00

T008Upper Rank Forum Insula Corner£25.00

T009Upper Rank Shops£25.00

T010Town Wall Gate£20.00

T011Town Wall Tower£15.00

T012Town Wall (Short)£7.50

T013Town Wall (Long)£10.00

T014Town Wall Corner£12.50

T015Scaffolding Set£12.50

T016Rome Under Contruction Set (2)£22.50

T017Market Set (8)£15.00

T018Slave Market Set£12.50


T020Town Villa£50.00

T021Triumphal Arch£25.00

T022Statue Plinths (2)£5.00

T023Fountain Set (2)£7.50

T024Cart Set (3)£12.00


T028Small Crane£12.50

T029Large Crane£15.00

T030Semi Detatched Small£12.50


Streets of Rome - Romans

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T055Ludus Arena Scenery Set£37.50

Terrain -

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TT013'x3' Terrain Tile System Pack£35.00