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Black Sun -Weird War 'Nam - Black Sun

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

BP1729Black Sun Rulebook£25.00

CC-91001U.S. Army Rifles£10.50

CC-91002U.S. Army Squad Specials£10.50

CC-91003U.S. Army Helicopter Pilots & Gunners£10.50

CC-91004US Army Personalities #1£10.50

CC-91005US Army Soldiers in Combat£10.50

CC-91006US Army Soldiers in Boonie Hats£10.50

CC-91007Wartime A-Listers£10.50

CC-91101Vietcong #1£10.50

CC-91102Vietcong #2£10.50

CC-91103Vietcong #3£10.50

CC-91104VC RPGs & Support Team£10.50

CC-91201Adaro w/AK-47 Rifles£10.50

CC-91202Adaro w/old French Rifles£10.50

CC-91401Deutsche LIG Officers£10.50

CC-91601Children of Hastur #1£10.50

CC-91602Children of Hastur #2£10.50

CC-91603Blessed Children of Hastur£10.50

Cthulhu 28's - Cthulu 28's

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

CC-33001Masters of Devil Reef #1£25.00

CC-33002 Arkham Investigators #1£25.00

CC-33003Arkham Investigators #2£25.00

Flint and Feather - Flint and Feather

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

BP1655Flint and Feather - The Rulebook£21.00

66012Flint and Feather Contact Card Deck£16.00

BP1858Flint and Feather Contact.£25.00

CC-66001Huron/Wendat War Party £29.00

CC-66002Iroquois/Haudenosaunee War Party £29.00

CC-66003Iroquoian Spirit Creatures Boxed Set£29.00

CC-66004Huron/Wendat War Party Canoes£29.00

CC-67007The Fearsome Flying Head£10.50

CC-67008The Naked Bear Spirit Creature£10.50

CC-67009The Great Horned Serpent£10.50

CC-67010Stone Coat Giant Man£10.50

CC-67011Mohawk Warriors w/17th C. Flintlock Muskets£10.50

CC-67012Iroquoian Warriors w/Open Hands for Separate Weapons£10.50

CC-67014Iroquoian Separate Weapons & Medium Shields/ #1£10.50

CC-67015Iroquoian Separate Weapons & Great Shields/ #2£10.50

CC-67016European Trade Weapons£10.50

CC-67017Iroquoian War Companions£10.50

CC-67018Iroquoian Great Warriors£10.50

CC-67019Iroquoian Stripling Fighters£10.50

CC-67020Battle Posts & Furs Markers£10.50

CC-67022Iroquoian Villagers£10.50

CC-67025Woodland Animals 1£10.50

CC-67029Woodland Animals 2£10.50

CC-67101Champlain and French Personalities£10.50

CC-67102Champlain's French Soldiers£10.50

CC-67103French Adventurers£10.50

CC-67104French Matchlock Men£10.50

CC-67105European Settlers£10.50

CC-67151English Command£10.50

CC-67152English Muskets 1£10.50

CC-67153English Puritans£10.50

CC-67154English Sword and Bucklers£10.50

CC-67155English Musketmen 2£10.50