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MG021Athenian Marine Lochagos£4.00

Baron's War - Baron's War

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BP1752The Barons' War Rulebook£17.00

BP1808Death & Taxes (Supplement for Barons Wars)£15.00

BP1851Outremer (Supplement for Baron's War)£19.00

BWATThe Barons' War Action Tokens£7.00

FS-BW01Foot Knights 1£9.00

FS-BW02Foot Knights 2£9.00

FS-BW03Spearmen 1£9.00

FS-BW04Spearmen 2£9.00

FS-BW05Spearmen 3£9.00

FS-BW06Bowmen 1£9.00

FS-BW07Bowmen 2£9.00

FS-BW08Milites Christi Monks 1£9.00

FS-BW09Milites Christi Monks 2£9.00

FS-BW10Milites Christi Monks 3£9.00

FS-BW11Mounted Knights 1£10.00

FS-BW12Mounted Knights 2£10.00

FS-BW13Mounted Knights 3£10.00

FS-BW14Foot Knight Command 1£6.00

FS-BW15Foot Knight Command 2£6.00

FS-BW16Robert Fitzwalter on horse£7.00

FS-BW17Hubert de Burgh & Bannerman£7.00

FS-BW18William Marshal & Bannerman£7.00

FS-BW19William Marshal on horse£7.00

FS-BW200Veteran Sergeant Command Group£10.00

FS-BW20Trebuchet Crew£14.00

FS-BW21Stephen Langton on horse£8.00

FS-BW22Bills (polearms) pack (12)£8.00

FS-BW23Foot Knights with Two Handed Weapons 1£9.00

FS-BW24Levy 1£9.00

FS-BW25Foot Sergeants with Hand Weapons 1£9.00

FS-BW27Mounted Knights with Hand Weapons 2£10.00

FS-BW28Levy 2£9.00

FS-BW29Crossbowmen 1£9.00

FS-BW30Crossbowmen 2£9.00

FS-BW31Mounted Sergeants with Hand Weapons 1£9.00

FS-BW32 Mounted Sergeants with Hand Weapons 2£9.00

FS-BW33Crossbowmen 3£9.00

FS-BW34Robin Hood & Friar Tuck£6.00

FS-BW35Kneeling Knight£4.00

FS-BW36Foot Sergeants with Spears 1£9.00

FS-BW37Little John & Will Scarlet£6.00

FS-BW38Aymeric de Saint Maur, Templar Master of England£7.00

FS-BW39Peter des Roches - Bishop of Winchester£4.00

FS-BW40The Maid Marian£4.00

FS-BW41Levy 3£8.00

FS-BW45Foot Knights with Two Handed Weapons 2£9.00

FS-BW46Mounted Sergeants with Spears 1£9.00

FS-BW47Mounted Knights with Hand Weapons 3£10.00

FS-BW48Prince Louis on Horse£7.00

FS-BW49Falkes de Breaute on Horse£7.00

Baron's War - Baron's War (CONTINUED...)

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FS-BW50King John of England on Horse£7.00

FS-BW51Bannerman & Musician 1£6.00

FS-BW52Bannerman & Musician 2£6.00

FS-BW54Eustace of Lowdham£7.00

FS-BW55Knight Herald on Horse£7.00

FS-BW57Bishop of York£7.00

FS-BW58Foot Sergeants with Spears 2£9.00

FS-BW59Foot Sergeants Marching£9.00

FS-BW60The Blacksmith of Wimentun£4.00

FS-BW61Outlaws 1£9.00

FS-BW62Outlaws 2£9.00

FS-BW63Village Characters 1£9.00

FS-BW64Village Characters 2£9.00

FS-BW66Fleeing Villagers£6.00

FS-BW67Sergeants with torches£6.00

FS-BW70The Templars£9.00

FS-BW71Outlaw Commander£4.00

FS-BW72Foot Sergeants with Falchions£9.00

FS-BW73Outlaw Slingers£9.00


FS-BW76Outlawed Noble£4.00

FS-BW77Philippe Marc, The Sheriff of Nottinghamshire£10.00

FS-BW78Outlaw Signallers£6.00

FS-BW79Village Characters 3£9.00

FS-BW80Outlaws 3 with hand weapons£9.00

FS-BW81Veteran Sergeants with Crossbows£9.00

FS-BW82Gerard de Furnival, Lord of Hallamshire£10.00

FS-BW83William de Warenne, 5th Earl of Surrey£10.00

FS-BW84Thomas, Count of Perche£10.00

FS-BW85William of Cassingham£4.00

FS-BW86King John of England£4.00


FS-BW88King William of the Scots£10.00

FS-BW92William Marshal£10.00

FS-BW93Guillaume II des Barres£10.00

OUTATOutremer Action Tokens£7.00

Baron's War - Scots Faction

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FS-MED005Robert the Bruce, King of Scots£12.00

Baron's War - Welsh

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FS-WLS002Welsh Medieval Commander£4.00

FS-WLS004Welsh Medieval Standard Bearer£4.00

FS-WLS006Welsh Bard£4.00

FS-WLS008Welsh Medieval Champion£4.00

FS-WLS011Welsh Mounted Medieval Commander£7.00

FS-WLS013Welsh Christian Priest£4.00

FS-WLS014Owen I, King of Strathclyde£7.00

FS-WLS100DAWelsh Dark Age Spearmen£9.00

FS-WLS100MDWelsh Early Medieval Spearmen£9.00

FS-WLS100SKWelsh Javelinmen£9.00

FS-WLS101DAWelsh Poor Dark Age Warriors£9.00

FS-WLS101MDWelsh Poor Medieval Warriors£9.00

FS-WLS102Welsh Slingers£9.00

FS-WLS103Welsh Archers£9.00

FS-WLS104DAWelsh Dark Age Hearthguard£9.00

FS-WLS104MDWelsh Medieval Hearthguard£9.00

FS-WLS105Welsh Medieval Archers£9.00

FS-WLS106Welsh Medieval Spearmen£9.00

FS-WLS107Welsh Javelinmen Skirmishers£9.00

FS-WLS108Welsh Foot Knights£9.00

FS-WLS109Welsh Knifemen£9.00

FS-WLS113Welsh Minors£9.00

FS-WLS114MDWelsh Medieval Armoured Spearmen£9.00

FS-WLS201HSWelsh Medieval Cavalry£9.00

FS-WLS201PYWelsh Light Medieval Cavalry£9.00

FS-WLS203HSWelsh Hearthguard Medieval Cavalry£9.00

FS-WLS203PYWelsh Hearthguard Light Medieval Cavalry£9.00

FS-WLS204Welsh Medieval Cavalry with Hand Weapons£9.00

FS-WLS205Welsh Medieval Cavalry with Lances£9.00

FS-WLS206HSWelsh Hearthguard Cavalry with Spears£9.00

Dark Ages - Characters

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WBWUF01King Raedweld of East Anglia£5.00

Dark Ages - Later Saxon

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03DAC001Christian Priests (Out of Stock)£10.00

03ESX105Saxon Levy£9.00

03ESX107Saxon Slingers£9.00

03LSX001Late Saxon/Anglo Danish Lord£7.00

03LSX002Alfred the Great£7.00


03LSX004Morcar and Edwin, Saxon Earls£8.00

03LSX105Late Saxon Archers£9.00

03LSX106Late Saxon Thegns 1£9.00

03LSX107Late Saxon Thegns 2£9.00

03LSX108Late Saxon Fyrd Warriors 1£9.00

03LSX109Late Saxon Fyrd Warriors 2£9.00

03LSX110Late Saxon Fyrd Warriors 3£9.00

03LSX111Late Saxon Fyrd Warriors 4£9.00

Dark Ages - Viking

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03VIK001Viking Warlord£7.00

03VIK002Olaf the Bald£4.00

03VIK003Arnvid Ale Sinker£4.00

03VIK004Erik Oaksplitter£4.00

03VIK005Rolf the Jolly - Berserker 1£4.00

03VIK006Gunnolf Wolfbane - Berserker 2£4.00

03VIK007Sigurd of the Bridge - Berserker 3£4.00

03VIK008Magnus Grimface - Berserker 4£4.00

03VIK010Viking Valkyrie£7.00

03VIK011Erik 'The Red' Thorvaldsson£4.00

03VIK012Ragnar Lodbrok£4.00

03VIK101Viking Bondi 1£9.00

03VIK102Viking Bondi 2£9.00

03VIK103Viking Bondi 3£9.00

03VIK104Viking Bondi 4£9.00

03VIK105Viking Bondi 5£9.00

03VIK106Viking Bondi 6£9.00

03VIK107Bondi with Dane Axes 1£9.00

03VIK108Viking Hirdmen 1£9.00

03VIK109Viking Hirdmen 2£9.00

03VIK110Hirdmen with Dane Axes£9.00

03VIK111Viking Archers 1£9.00

03VIK112Viking Archers 2£9.00


03VIK114Viking Hirdmen 3£9.00

03VIK115Viking Hirdmen 4£9.00

03VIK117Viking Archers 3£9.00

03VIKGUDGudbrand Soultaker - Viking Shaman£4.00

03VIKODINOdin the Allfather£6.00

Feudal Japan - Warring Clans - Warring Clans

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WB-SAM001Ashigaru with Yumi (bow) Command£8.00

WB-SAM002 Samurai with Kanabo (large club)£4.00

WB-SAM003Samurai with Naginata (halberd)£4.00

WB-SAM004Samurai with Yumi (bow)£4.00

WB-SAM005Walking Samurai with Katana£4.00

WB-SAM006Samurai drawing Katana£4.00

WB-SAM007Samurai in full armour with Yari (spear)£4.00

WB-SAM008Samurai with Katana raised£4.00

WB-SAM009Female Warrior - Onna-bugeisha£4.00

WB-SAM010Travelling Samurai£4.00

WB-SAM011Samurai with Horned helmet£4.00

WB-SAM012Ashigaru-Kashira (sergeant)£4.00

WB-SAM013Samurai with Naginata (halberd) and Katana£4.00


WB-SAM015 Benkei - Warrior Monk£4.00

WB-SAM016Akagi Kazuki, Ronin Swordmaster£4.00

WB-SAM017Lord Eiichi Yamagata£4.00

WB-SAM018Takamoto, Kyujutsu sensei£4.00

WB-SAM019Hondo Yoshihito, Kensei Master Swordmaster£4.00

WB-SAM020Banzuinn Chobei£4.00

WB-SAM021Yoshito the Ronin£4.00

WB-SAM022Ishikawa Hanako & Nasumeido Kana£6.00

WB-SAM100Ashigaru with Yari (spear) 1£8.00

WB-SAM101Ashigaru with Yari (spear) 2£8.00

WB-SAM102Ashigaru with Yari (spear) 3£8.00

WB-SAM103Ashigaru with Yumi (bow) 1£8.00

WB-SAM104Ashigaru with Yumi (bow) 2£8.00

WB-SAM105Ashigaru with Yumi (bow) 3£8.00

WB-SAM106Ashigaru with Teppo (musket) 1£8.00

WB-SAM107Ashigaru with Teppo (musket) 2£8.00

WB-SAM108Ashigaru casualties 1£8.00

Gangs of Rome - Gangs of Rome

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

BP-GOR02Gangs of Rome A4 Rulebook£30.00

GORACCESSThe Gangs of Rome Accessories Set£60.00

GORBUNGoR Starter Bundle£80.00

WAAMR001Citizens of Rome£30.00

Mortal Gods - Mortal Gods

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

MG002Heavy Lochagos 2£4.00

MG005Heavy Promachos 1£4.00

MG006Heavy Promachos 2£4.00

MG008Medium Promachos 2£4.00

MG009Veteran Archer£4.00

MG010Veteran Hoplite£4.00

MG011MSeer (metal)£4.00

MG012MHealer (metal)£4.00


MG016Athenian Marine Archers£8.00

MG020Persian Sparabara£8.00

MG022Athenian Marine Hoplites£8.00

MG025Skorylos, Noble of Thrake£4.00

MG026Padan, Persian Lochagos£4.00

MG027Persian Chief of Warriors£4.00

MG030Persian Immortal£4.00

MG031Phatis, Athenian Promachos£4.00

MG065Kushite Priest of Apedemak and Lion£8.00

MGFREE01Adrastos, Captain of the Lochos£4.00

Mortal Gods - Mortal Gods Mythic

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

MGM015Wild Centaur with Spear (Out of Stock)£15.00

MGM016Wild Centaur with Bow (Out of Stock)£15.00

MGM017Wild Centaur with 2 handed hammer (Out of Stock)£15.00

MGM018Centaur leader with sword and shield (Out of Stock)£15.00

MGM019Centaur with Bow (Out of Stock)£15.00

MGM020Centaur with Spear and shield (Out of Stock)£15.00

MGM024Satyrs' with Spears (Out of Stock)£8.00

MGM026Satyrs' with Swords (Out of Stock)£8.00

MGM027Satyrs' with Bows (Out of Stock)£8.00