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BFM091Chibi Raging Annie£10.00

GG059Alice the Astronaut£4.00

Ancients & Amazons - Ancients & Amazons

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

BFM021Hooty McOwlface £5.00


BFM079Rania, Amazon Warrior£4.00

BFM091Amazon Fighters (2)£10.00

BFM094Amazon Musician & Assassin£8.00

BFM095Amazon Elite Guard£10.00

BFM096Amazon Captain and Bodyguards£14.00

BFM097Amazon Archer & Spearwoman£8.00

BFM098Thea, Amazon Champion£6.00

BFM099Little Wolves (Amazon Children)£8.00

BFM106Lehana - Amazon Champion£4.00

BFM108Amazon Falconer & Herbalist£7.50

BFM109Fish Lass Maria (& pesky kitties)£8.00

BFM110Amazon Heroines (2)£10.00

BFM113Delphine - Amazon Berserker£5.00

BFM114Amazon Commander & Standard Bearer£10.00

BFM115Amazon Princesses (2)£7.50

BFM116Beer Maiden & Scholar£7.50

BFM119Aurelia the Oracle£5.00

BFM136Ambassador Sofia & Escort£12.00

Animals - Animals

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BFM045bGiant Iguana£6.00

FAF001Ted - Savage Hound£4.00

FAF002Charles the Giant Capybara£8.00

FAF003Barry - Brown Bear£8.00

FAF004Guinea Pigs£10.00

FAF005Pete & Tom - Shire Horses£14.00

FAF006Harry - Great Ape£6.50



FAF009Freyja's Wildcats£6.00


FAF012Moose Family£14.00

FAF013Fairy Swarm£10.00


FAF016Vallhunder (Swedish Cattle Dogs)£12.00

FAF017Skoggskattar (Scadinavian Wild Cats)£14.00

FAF018Mjolkhare - Witch's blood bound construct£4.00

FAF019Mother Bear and Cubs£12.00



FAF022Norbert - Pack Pony£8.00


FAF024Nelly & Cecil the Dinosaurs£16.00

FAF025Hero Dogs of WW2£6.00

FAF026Leo the Lion King£7.50

FAF027Manu the Mandrill£5.00

FAF030Zombie Livestock£14.00

FAF031Zombie Unicorn£10.00

FAF032Barry - Zombie Bear£9.50


FAF034Zombie Horse Herd£35.00

FAF036Giant Bunnies£8.00

FAF037Guinea Pigs pack 2£8.00

FAF038Capybara Family£12.50

FAF039Corgis (4)£7.50

Fantasy -

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

BFM165May Queens £8.00

BFM167Muscle Mommies£8.00

BFM168Monkeyin' Around£6.50

Fantasy - Dwarves

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

BFM073Agna, Dwarf£4.00

BFM100Dwarf Crossbow and Monk£8.00

BFM101Dwarf Wizard, Bard and Rogue£12.00

BFM102Dwarf Champions£8.00

BFM103Dwarf Berserkers£8.00

BFM104Dwarf Captain and Thief£8.00

BFM105Kythera - Dwarf Barbarian£4.00

BFM107Amazon and Dwarf Vignette£8.00

BFM118Dwarf Shieldmaidens£10.00

BFM142Dwarf Veterans£8.00

Feudal Japan -

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BFM124Onna-musha: Command (2)£8.00

BFM125Onna-bugeisha: Naginatas (3)£10.00

BFM126Onna-musha: Veterans (3)£12.00

BFM127The Widows (3)£10.00

BS-MLS015The Blood Sorceress (with Undead Man Servant)£10.00

Feudal Japan - Feudal Japan

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

BFM050Onna-bugeisha - Naginata and Yumi£10.00

BFM051Onna-bugeisha - Katana£10.00

BFM080Tomoe Gozen & Bodyguards£10.00


BFM082Lady Ichika & The Vipers £10.00

BFM083Yumiko and Nagisa£7.00

BFM084Hojo Masako & Handmaidens£12.00

BFM085Shin Whackers£6.00

BFM086Noble Assistants: Bushidoge & Shogun Meow£6.00

BFM089The Shinobi Sisters£7.00

BFM112The Ronin Shojo£10.00

BFM154Duelling Onna-bugeisha£8.00

Ghosts of Gaia -

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

BFM005Vigilante School Girls (2)£8.00

BFM041Raging Annie£5.00

BFM11180's Action Heroines£8.00

GG011Tankers (3)£10.00


GG015Gunny Peegs£12.00

GG028Rook (lasrifle)£5.00

GG029Fox Fury (Autoshotgun)£5.00


GG031Rags and Stitches£8.00


GG037Wrenchmouth and Handlers£12.00

GG038Junkyard Kids£6.00


GG040Peeg Mimic£5.00

GG041Bunny Mimic£5.00

GG042Gunny Bunnies Fast Attack£12.00

GG043Gunny Peegs Fast Attack£12.00

GG044Gunny Peegs Heavy Support£8.00

GG045Gunny Bunnies Heavy Support£8.00



GG048Gaia Bosses£10.00

GG049The War Bastard Tankers (3)£8.00

GGSET01Ratty, Hera & Bianca£12.00

GGSET02Dusty, Mina & Jade£12.00

GGSET03Abra & Angel£10.00

GGSET04Eve & Pris£8.00

GGSET05Teeth & Boomer£8.00

GGSET06Juliet, Violet & Twitch£12.00

GGSET07Kit, Gmork & Skin£12.00

GGSET08Trudy, Crow & Quills£12.00

Hobby Scenics - Scenics

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

RIK001Candles and Candlesticks (17)£8.00

RIK002Lanterns (7)£6.50

RIK003Flaming Torches (11)£8.00

RIK004Food Supplies Basing Kit (39)£12.50

RIK005Bonfires (8)£12.50

RIK006Food Supplies (8)£14.00

RIK007Treasure Chests (12)£12.50

RIK008Cursed Treasure (8)£14.00

RIK010Scarecrows (3)£10.00

RIK017Mushrooms (20)£12.50

RIK026Wooden Road Signs£14.00

RIK029Old Stone Walls (11)£16.00

RIK038Cargo Supplies (8)£16.00


RIK040Sacrificial Stones (5)£14.00

RIK051Woodland Critters£14.00

RIK060Harbour Supplies£16.00

RIK062Stone Heads Terrain£18.00

RIK063Stone Hands Terrain£18.00

RIK074Dining Tables (4)£12.50

RIK075Stone Kitchen (6)£14.00

RIK076Fantasy BBQ Buffet (4)£14.00

RIK090Armoury Shop (6)£16.50

Inter-War -

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

BFM077Pulp Explorers£8.00

My Last Sunrise (Vampire Gothic) - Vampire Gothic

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

BS-MLS001The Brides£10.00


BS-MLS003Vampire Thralls£8.00

BS-MLS004Lucy - Female Reanimate£4.00

BS-MLS005Edward - Male Construct£6.00

BS-MLS006Sandor - Werewolf£6.00

BS-MLS007Male Vampire Hunters£14.00

BS-MLS008Margaret - Female Vampire Hunter£4.00

BS-MLS010Victorian Witches (Clara & Willow)£8.00

BS-MLS011Miko, Vampire Hunter£4.00

BS-MLS012Sergio the Sax Man£5.00

BS-MLS013Wizened Witches£10.50

BS-MLS014Angry Witches£10.00

BS-MLS016The Ghoul Queen£5.00

BS-MLS017Lady Katherina & Landsknecht£10.00

BS-MLS018The Mummies£8.00

BS-MLS020Vampire Queens (3)£12.00

BS-MLS024aPoppy, The Head Vampire£5.00

BS-MLS025Town Guard£12.00

BS-MLS026BThe Allured£8.00

BS-MLS027Vampire Acolytes£12.00

BS-MLS028Fang - Bounty Hunter£5.00

BS-MLS029The Outcasts£8.00

BS-MLS030Elena The Werewolf£8.00

BS-MLS031Victoria Frankenstein with Shegor and Creation£12.50

BS-MLS032Swamp Ghouls£12.00

BS-MLS033Luda, Feral Ogre£10.50

BS-MLS034Turkey Man£8.00

BS-MLS035Zombie Annie£5.00

BS-MLS036Vampeegs - Vampire Guinea Pigs (3)£8.00

BS-MLS037Nina & Anya - Vampire Hunters£8.50

BS-MLS038Nadja, Bat Vampire£8.00

BS-MLS039Freshly Bitten£8.00

BS-MLS040Elite Mummies£12.00

BS-MLS041Necromancer & Underling£10.50

BS-MLS042Hungry Ghouls£8.00

BS-MLS043Eternal Bride£6.00

BS-MLS044Ghouls Brood #1£12.00

BS-MLS045Ghouls Brood #2£12.00

BS-MLS046Buff Ghouls£12.00

BS-MLS047Youthful Ghouls£12.00

BS-MLS048Ghoul Matriarch£14.00

BS-MLS049Chopper & Dawn£8.00

BS-MLS050Ghoul Hags£12.00

BS-MLS052Ghoul Juvies£12.00

New release -

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

BFM163Princess Anne£12.00

Shieldmaidens -

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

BFM117Sorcha & Niamh£8.00

BFM128Ziva the Barbarian Conqueror£12.00

BFM159Brunhilde: The Valkyrie£10.00

Shieldmaidens - Shieldmaidens

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

BFM007Shieldmaiden Fanatics£12.00

BFM011Brynhildr: Shieldmaiden Champion£4.00

BFM017Aethelflaed - Lady of Mercia£8.00

BFM028Thorrun Shieldmaiden Champion£4.00

BFM030Jarl Letty£10.00

BFM031Inga: Shieldmaiden Musician£4.00

BFM032Svala, Shieldmaiden Standard Bearer (flag not included)£6.00

BFM034Zombie Shieldmaiden Warriors£12.00

BFM036Defending Villagers£12.00

BFM037Jarl Lathgertha£10.00

BFM039Mounted Shieldmaiden Warriors£24.00

BFM040Mounted Shieldmaiden Hearthguard £24.00

BFM052Shieldmaiden Archers£12.00

BFM053Shieldmaiden Warriors (with Axes)£12.00

BFM054Crossbow Women£12.00

BFM055Berserkers £12.00

BFM056Shieldmaiden Hearthguard (with Axes)£12.00

BFM057Shieldmaiden Warriors (with Spears)£12.00

BFM058Shieldmaiden Hearthguard (with Spears)£12.00

BFM059Shieldmaiden Warriors (with Swords)£12.00

BFM060Shieldmaiden Hearthguard (with Swords)£12.00

BFM061Shieldmaiden Slingers £12.00

BFM062Skalmold the Valkyrie£5.00

BFM063The Seer£4.00

BFM064Time for Beer£6.00

BFM065My Heroine (Civilian Rescue)£6.00

BFM066Freyja and Hildisvini£22.00

BFM069Freyja Norse Goddess£6.00

BFM070Norse Witch on Moose£12.00

BFM071Hel Goddess of the Underworld£14.00

BFM073Agna Norse Dwarf£4.00

BFM074Dagmar: Shieldmaiden Champion£4.00

BFM120Jada the Subtle£8.00

BFMSET004 Out of production Lathgertha's Retinue (Out of Stock)£50.00

BFMSET009Shieldmaiden Warband (Out of Stock)£65.00

Women of WW2 -

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

WCD002Norma & Marilyn£8.00

Women of WW2 - British

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

BFM043Mrs June£4.00

FAF025Hero Dogs£6.00

HF001Women's Land Army (Picnic)£12.00

HF002Women's Land Army (Shotguns)£12.00

HF003Women's Land Army (At Work)£12.00

HF004Women's Home Defence (Unarmed)£12.00

HF005Women's Home Defence (Attacking)£12.00

HF006British Field Medics£8.00

HF007ATS Air Defence (Teddy Bear Coats)£10.00

HF008ATS Air Defence Crew£10.00

HF009Identification Telescope and Crew£12.00

HF010Bofors 40mm AA Gun & Crew£45.00

HF011Lumberjills (5)£14.00

HF012Land Army - Livestock Workers £14.00

HF013ATA Pilots£8.00

HF014WRNS - Signalling Team £14.00

HF015ATS with Rifles and Scots Officer£14.00

HF016Tractor Driver£6.00

HF017WRN Despatch Riders Set A£20.00

HF018Despatch Riders Set B£20.00

HF019WAAF Weather Team£14.00

HF020Noor Inayat Khan (SOE Agent)£4.00

HF021Virginia Hall (SOE Agent)£4.00

HF022Nancy Wake (SOE Agent)£4.00

HF023Krystyna Skarbek (SOE Agent)£4.00

HF024SOE Annie£4.00

HF025Land Army - Horse Rider & Lead£14.00

HF026Adelaide Hall - Jazz Performer (2)£8.00

HF027Evacuees £12.00

HF028Truck Drivers and Passengers £10.00

HF029Princess Elizabeth & Mum£8.00

HF030WAAF Engineers (4)£12.00

HF031Potato Pete & Doctor Carrot£10.00

HF032Dancing Vignette£8.00

HF033Red Cross Nurses (3)£10.00

HF035Girl Guides£12.00


HF038Blitz Mummy£5.00

HF039Vera Lynn - ENSA (2)£8.00

HF040WW2 Naval Gents in Panto Dress (3)£12.00

N035Searchlight & Generator Set£5.00

N146'Fordson' Tractor£7.50





WCD001 War Correspondents£10.00

Women of WW2 - French

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

VLF001Josephine Baker - French Resistance£8.50

Women of WW2 - Soviet

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

FZ001Soviet Command (Medic, Officer, Radio)£8.00

FZ002Soviet Sniper Team (Standing)£6.00

FZ003Soviet Sniper Team (Sitting)£6.00

FZ004Soviet Riflewomen£12.00

FZ007Soviet Tank Riders (3)£6.00

FZ008Soviet Tank Commanders (3)£5.00

FZ010Soviet Scouts (6)£14.00

FZ010aSoviet Scouts A (Sniper Set)£8.00

FZ010bSoviet Scouts B (smg, lmg set)£8.00

FZ011Maxim HMG Team£10.00

FZ01282mm Mortar Team£10.00

FZ013Soviet Sniper Team (Winter)£7.00

FZ014Soviet Flamethrower Team (ROKS3)£6.00

FZ015Winter LMG & Loader£6.00

FZ016Winter 82mm Mortar & Crew£12.00

FZ017Night Witches (2)£8.00

FZ018Pilots (2)£8.00

FZ019Accordian Player£5.00

FZ020Winter Maxim HMG & Crew£12.00

FZ021Winter Riflewomen (6)£15.00

FZ022Winter Infantry with SMG (6)£15.00

FZ023Female Soviet Infantry with SMG (4)discontinued (Out of Stock)£10.00

FZ023bFemale Soviet Infantry with SMG - pack b (4)£15.00

FZ024Soviet Tank Riders Pack B£6.00

FZ025Soviet Winter Command£15.00

FZ027Winter Tank Riders Pack A£7.00

FZ029Soviet Tankers (Winter)£6.50

FZ030Soviet Tank Attackers (Winter)£8.00

FZ031Soviet Sappers: Dzulbhars & Dina (2)£7.50

FZ032Snipers in Snow Suits£6.50

FZ033Lyudmila Pavlichenko - Sniper Ace£5.00

FZ034Soviet Anti-Tank Rifle Team£10.00

FZ035Traffic Control (Winter)£7.50

FZ036Soviet Command (Advancing)£6.50

FZ037Soviet Dancers (2)£8.00

FZ038The Serenade£10.00

FZGR1Winter Squad£22.00