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Test of Honour - Test of Honour

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GFN-TOH-02Test of Honour Gaming Set£32.00

GFN-TOH-05Test of Honour Extra Dice£8.00

GFN-TOH-07Clan Forces Card Set£15.00

GFN-TOH-08Enemy Forces Card Set£15.00

GFN-TOH-09Unlikely Allies£35.00

GFN-TOH-13Ashigaru Scouts£35.00

GFN-TOH-17Sohei Temple Guard£35.00

GFN-TOH-18Sohei Fanatics£12.00

GFN-TOH-19Sohei Musketmen£12.00

GFN-TOH-20Rennyo, Keeper of the Gate£5.50

GFN-TOH-21Ikko Rebel Mob£12.00

GFN-TOH-22Ikko Rebel Spearmen£12.00

GFN-TOH-24Test of Honour Sengoku£12.50

GFN-TOH-26Ashigaru with Ozutsu£12.00