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M&T II Figures - American Revolution

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

MT0100Indian Characters£6.60

MT0101Indian Warriors IV£9.90

M&T II Figures - French & Indian War

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

MT0001British Ranger Officer£2.50

MT0002British Rangers 1£9.00

MT0003British Rangers 2£9.00

MT0004British Rangers 3£9.00

MT0005British Highland Light Infantry£9.00

MT0006British Regulars in Campaign Dress£12.00

MT0007British Regular Infantry£12.00

MT0008British Regular Infantry Officer£2.50

MT0009Indian Sachem£2.50

MT0010Indian Warriors 1£9.00

MT0011Indian Warriors 2£9.00

MT0012Compagnies Franches Officer£2.50

MT0013French Canadian Militia 1£9.00

MT0014French Canadian Militia 2£9.00

MT0015Compagnies Franches de la Marine£12.00


MT0026British Rangers 4£9.00

MT0027Colonial Militia Leader£2.50

MT0028Colonial Militia£9.00

MTB01British Army - French and Indian Wars£48.00

MTB02French Army - French and Indian Wars£45.00

MTB05British Regular Army (French & Indian War)£48.00

M&T II Figures - Peninsular War

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MT1001Spanish Officer (Napoleonic Wars)£2.50

MT1002Spanish Volunteers & Militia (Napoleonic Wars)£12.00

MT1003Spanish Guerrillas 1 (Napoleonic Wars)£9.00

MT1004Spanish Guerrillas 2 (Napoleonic Wars)£9.00

MT1005French Officer (Napoleonic Wars)£2.50

MT1006French Fusiliers (Napoleonic Wars)£12.00

MT1007French Voltigeurs 1 (Napoleonic Wars)£9.00

MT1008French Voltigeurs 2 (Napoleonic Wars)£9.00

MTB06Spanish Irregulars (Napoleonic Wars)£72.00

MTB07French Army (Napoleonic Wars)£42.00

M&T II Figures - Retreat From Moscow

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MT1009French Officer (Winter 1812)£2.50

MT1010French Fusiliers (Winter 1812)£12.00

MT1011French Voltigeurs (Winter 1812)£9.00

MT1012French Grenadiers (Winter 1812)£12.00

MT1013Russian Officer£2.50

MT1014Russian Musketeers/Jagers I£12.00

MT1015Russian Musketeers/Jagers II£12.00

MT1016Russian Grenadiers£12.00

MTB08French Army (Retreat From Moscow)£33.00

MTB09Russian Army (Retreat From Moscow)£42.00

M&T II Figures - War of 1812

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MT0016British Regular Infantry Officer (1812)£2.50

MT0017British Regular Infantry (1812)£12.00

MT0018British Canadian Militia (1812)£9.00

MT0019US Regular Infantry Officer (1812)£2.50

MT0020US Regular Infantry (1812)£12.00

MT0021US Militia 1 (1812)£9.00

MT0022US Militia 2 (1812)£9.00

MT0023Indian Sachem 2£2.50

MT0024Indian Warriors 3£9.00

MTB03US Army (War of 1812)£55.00

MTB04British Army (War of 1812)£42.00

Muskets & Tomahawks - Muskets & Tomahawks

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BP1717Muskets and Tomahawks £24.00

BP1718Redcoats and Tomahawks£12.00

BP1759Shakos & Bayonets£20.00

MTRTCARDRedcoats & Tomahawks Card Deck£8.00

MTSBCARDShakos & Bayonets Card Deck£10.00

MTTOKNMuskets & Tomahawks Tokens£7.50


Dice10Ten Sided Dice (x5)£3.00