Krautcover (29 products found)

Basecover -

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

KCS-91001Kodama Woods£6.00

KCS-91002Soil of Sparta£6.00

KCS-91003Ruins of Persistence£6.00

KCS-91004Snowy Highland Pass£6.00

KCS-91005Copious Earth£6.00

KCS-91008Meadows of Purity£6.00

KCS-91012Tales from a Forest Moon£6.00

KCS-91013Eternal Fields Base Cover£6.00

KCS-91014Forges of Doom Base Cover£6.00

KCS-91015A Tale Of Grimdark. £7.50

Groundcover -

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

KCS-92002Tropical Lagoon Groundcover£4.50

KCS-92003Common Earth (light)£4.50

KCS-92004Common Earth (dark)£4.50

KCS-92005Powder Snow£7.00

KCS-92007Riverbed Groundcover£4.50

KCS-94001Static Grass Spring 2mm£4.50

KCS-94002Static Grass Summer 2mm£4.50

KCS-94003Static Grass Autumn 2mm£4.50

KCS-94004Static Grass Scorched 2mm£4.50

KCS-94101Static Grass Spring 4mm£4.50

KCS-94102Static Grass Summer 4mm£4.50

KCS-94103Static Grass Autumn 4mm£4.50

KCS-94104Static Grass Scorched 4mm£4.50

KCS-94201Static Grass Spring 6mm£4.50

KCS-94202Static Grass Summer 6mm£4.50

KCS-94203Static Grass Autumn 6mm£4.50

KCS-94204Static Grass Scorched 6mm£4.50

Hobby Glue -

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

KCS-93001Terrain and Basing Glue£8.50

KCS-93002Kraut-Fixer - Scatter Fix (OUT OF STOCK) (Out of Stock)£10.50