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Ancient Greece - Persians

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

VXA041Persian Unarmoured Archers£27.00

VXA042Persian Unarmoured Spearmen£27.00

VXA043Persian Armoured Archers£27.00

VXA044Persian Armoured Spearmen£27.00

VXA045Persian Unarmoured Cavalry£27.00

VXA046Persian Armoured Cavalry£27.00

Ancient Greece - Plastic Figures

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VXA002Spartan Armoured Hoplites£27.00


VXA004Mercenary Armoured Hoplites 5th to 3rd Century BC£28.00

VXA005Greek Unarmoured Hoplites and Archers £33.00

VXA006Greek Peltasts and Slingers£33.00

VXA019Macedonian Phalangites£23.00

VXA020Successor Phalangites£23.00

VXA021Macedonian Hypaspists£21.00

VXA027Macedonian Greek Successor Heavy Cavalry£27.00

VXA032Greek Light Cavalry£25.00

VXA048Horse Archers. Scythians and Parthians£27.00

VXA050Greek Hoplites£40.00

VXE001Greek Hoplite Heads x 56£18.00

Ancient Rome - Plastic Figures

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VXA007Rome's Legions of the Republic (I) in Mail£33.00

VXA008Rome's Legions of the Republic (II) in Pectoral Armour£33.00

VXA009 Rome's Italian Allied Legions £33.00

VXA013Armoured Iberian Warriors£30.00

VXA015Armoured Samnites£21.00

VXA016Unarmoured Samnites£21.00

VXA022Numidian Cavalry£24.00

VXA023Ancient Iberian Cavalry£24.00

VXA024Numidian Infantry £21.00

VXA025Early Imperial Roman Legionaries Advancing£27.00

VXA026Early Imperial Roman Legionaries Attacking £27.00

VXA028Roman Auxiliary Infantry£27.00

VXA034Republican Roman Cavalry£32.00

VXA035Early Imperial Roman Cavalry£32.00

VXA038Early Imperial Mounted Generals£25.00

VXA039Germanic Warriors£42.00


VXA047Early Imperial Auxiliary Archers£27.00

VXA049Early Imperial Roman Bolt-Shooter£36.00

Ancient World - Plastic Figures

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VXA030Ancient Gallic Warriors£33.00

VXA031Ancient Gallic Naked Fanatics£21.00

VXA033Ancient Gallic Cavalry£24.00

VXA037Celtic Chariot£34.00

Carthaginians - Plastic Figures

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VXA010Warriors of Carthage£33.00

VXA011Carthaginian Citizen Infantry£21.00

VXA029African War Elephant£34.00

Dark Ages -

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VXDA010Late Roman Armoured Cavalry£30.00

Dark Ages - Normans

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

VXDA011Norman Crossbowmen£36.00

Dark Ages - Plastic Figures

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VXDA002BLate Saxons/Anglo Danes Skirmish Pack£28.00

VXDA002Late Saxons - Anglo Danes£42.00

VXDA003Huscarls (Late Saxons/Anglo Danes)£30.00

VXDA004BNorman Infantry Skirmish Pack£28.00

VXDA004Victrix Plastic Norman Infantry£42.00

VXDA005Norman Cavalry£30.00

VXDA006Dark Age Archers and Slingers£30.00

VXDA007Late Roman Archers£34.00

VXDA008Late Roman Unarmoured Infantry£34.00

VXDA009Late Roman Armoured Infantry£36.00

VXDA012Norman Unarmoured Cavalry£30.00

VXDA013Late Roman Unarmoured Cavalry£30.00

VXDA014Late Roman Horse Archers£30.00

VXDA015Late Roman Cataphracts£36.00

VXDA016Early Saxon Unarmoured Warriors£36.00

VXDA017Early Saxon Armoured Warriors£36.00

Medieval - Plastic Figures

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VXM001Medieval Knights (Preorder)£40.00

Napoleonic Wars -

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VX0024Chasseur a Cheval of the Old Guard£30.00

VX0025British Household Cavalry 1812-1815£30.00

Napoleonic Wars - Plastic Figures

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

VX0001Britsh Waterloo Centre Companies£27.00

VX0002British Peninsular Centre Companies£27.00

VX0003British Waterloo Flank Companies£27.00

VX0004British Peninsular Flank Companies£27.00

VX0005Napoleonic French Infantry 1807-1812 £27.00

VX0006Napoleonic Highland Infantry Centre Companies.£27.00

VX0007Napoleonic Highland Infantry Flank Companies.£27.00

VX0008French Napoleonic Infantry 1804-1807 (Out of Stock)£27.00


VX0010British Napoleonic Foot Artillery£27.00

VX0011Napoleon's Old Guard Chasseurs£27.00

VX0012Austrian Napoleonic Infantry 1798-1809£27.00

VX0013Austrian Grenadiers 1798-1815£27.00

VX0014Austrian Napoleonic Infantry 1806-1815£27.00

VX0015Austrian Napoleonic Landwehr 1808-1815£27.00


VX0017French Napoleonic Artillery 1804 to 1812£30.00

VX001828mm Napoleonic French Artillery 1812 to 1815£30.00

VX0019French Napoleonic Artillery 1804-1812£30.00

VX0020French Napoleonic Imperial Guard Lancers£30.00

VX0021Bavarian Infantry£35.00

VX0022French Napoleonic Dragoons 1807 - 1812£30.00

VX0023British Napoleonic Heavy Dragoons£30.00

VX0026British Heavy Dragoons Peninsular War£30.00

Victrix Games - 12mm WW2

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

VG12001Panther Ausf G£25.00

VG12002Sherman M4A3 75mm£25.00

VG12003StuG III£25.00

VG12004Panzer IV H£25.00


VG12006Sherman Firefly£25.00

VG12007M10 Wolverine Tank Destroyer£25.00

VG12008Tiger I£25.00

VG1200912mm Churchill£25.00

VG12010M3 Half-Track (US and British Variants)£30.00

VG12011M5A1 Stuart Light Tank£25.00

VG12012Hanomag 251/D£25.00

VG1201312mm Late War German Infantry and Heavy Weapons£30.00

VG1201412mm Late War British Infantry and Heavy Weapons£30.00

VG12015Wespe Sd.Kfz.124£25.00


VG12017M7 Priest£25.00

VG1201812mm M4A1 Sherman£25.00

VG12019US Infantry£30.00

VG1202012mm German Fallschirmjaeger£30.00

VG12021Sd.Kfz. 234/2 Puma£25.00

VG1202212mm Panzer IV F£25.00

VG1202312mm Panzer IV G£25.00

VG1202412mm Late War Soviet Infantry and Heavy Weapons£30.00

VG1202512mm Soviet T34 76/85£25.00

VG1202612mm German Pak 40 + Sd.Kfz.11£30.00

VG1202712mm British Loyd Carrier and 6pdr plus crews£25.00

VG1202812mm Soviet SU76 + Crew£25.00

VG12029German 88mm Gun and Sd.Kfz.7£35.00

VG1203012mm British Airborne£30.00

VG1203212mm WWII US Airborne£30.00