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Clash of Empires - Ancients

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

BP1303Clash of Empires£25.00

BP1322The Rise and Fall of Persia£20.00

BP1341Age of Ravens£20.00

BP1408Kingdom of Heaven£20.00

Dead Mans Hand -

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

CDMH008The Other 7£20.00

DMH0010dDead Banditos£4.00

DMH036DMH Rogue - Maeve Newton£4.00

DMH037DMH Rogue - Dolores Wood£4.00

DMHG-CNTDMH Gang - The Count£20.00

Dead Mans Hand - Curse of Dead Mans Hand

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CDMH002The Baron Boxed Gang £30.00

CDMH003The Curse of Dead Man's Hand "The Seven" £20.00

CDMH004The Curse of Dead Man's Hand Mountain Men£20.00

CDMH005 The Curse of Dead Man's Hand The Malevolent Seven£20.00

CDMH011A Murder of Crows£4.00


CDMH013Cannibal Dwarves£6.00

CDMH014Haunted Bear £9.00

CDMH015Storm Crow£8.00

CDMH016Corpse Carrion£5.00

CDMH017Dread Wolves£7.00

CDMH018Cursed Reverend £3.50

CDMH019Cursed Characters £9.00

CDMH020Buffalo Man £6.00

CDMH021Cheveyo Death Hunter£5.00

CDMH022Mountain Lion£4.00

CDMH023Rotten Horses£6.00

CDMH024Rotten Cattle£6.00


CDMH027Cursed Townsfolk£8.00

DMH071DMH: A Kettle of Vultures£6.00

Dead Mans Hand - DMH Down Under

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DMHG-BSHBushrangers Gang£20.00

DMHG-STAState Police£20.00

DMHG-NED Kelly Gang£15.00

DMHR-JONDead Man's Hand Rogue Jonathon Pain£4.00

DMHR-ROYDead Man's Hand Rogue Roy Magnum£4.00

Dead Mans Hand - Dead Mans Hand Miniatures

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

DMHP001DMH Plastic Gunfighters£15.00

CDMH009Plains Indians£20.00

CDMH010Dead Man's Hand Hearse Set£18.00

CDMH031The Professor and Time Machine£15.00

DMH-CACDead Man's Hand Cacti£7.00

DMH-CIV-BNKBank Figure Set£5.00

DMH-CIV-HNGGallows Set£6.00

DMH-CIV-RGNRogans Bar Set£5.00

DMH-CIV-UNDDead Man's Hand Civilian Undertaker's Figure Set£5.00

DMH-DHDead Horses£4.00

DMH-RHRiderless Horses£6.00

DMH-STAGEDead Man's Hand Stage Coach Set£25.00

DMH-WGNDead Mans Hand Wagon£13.00

DMH011dDead Renegade Indians£4.50

DMH012dDead Man's Hand Dead Pinkertons£4.50

DMH013dDead Man's Hand Dead Cavalry£4.50

DMH034Dead Man's Hand Jonah, The Scarred Man£4.00

DMH035Dead Man's Hand Calamity Jane£4.00

DMH038Pillars of the Community I£8.00

DMH039Pillars of the Community II£8.00

DMH041Dead Man's Hand Drunken Patrons (Out of Stock)£8.00

DMH072A Kennel of Dogs£6.00

DMHC-COWDead Man's Hand Cowboys Casualties£4.00

DMHC-DESDead Man's Hand Desperado Casualties£4.00

DMHC-LAWDead Man's Hand Lawmen Casualties (Out of Stock)£4.00

DMHC-OUTDead Man's Hand Outlaw Casualties£4.00

DMHG-7TH7th Cavalry Gang£20.00

DMHG-BANBanditos Gang£20.00

DMHG-CITArmed Citizens£20.00

DMHG-COWDead Man's Hand - Cowboy Gang£20.00

DMHG-DAUDaughters of the West - female gang for DMH£20.00

DMHG-DESDead Man's Hand - Desperado Gang£20.00

DMHG-LAWDead Man's Hand - Lawmen Gang£20.00

DMHG-OUTDead Man's Hand - Outlaw Gang£20.00

DMHG-PINPinkerton Gang£20.00

DMHG-RENRenegade Indians Gang£20.00

DMHG-TNGDMH Gang - The Tong£20.00

DMHP002Dead Man's Hand Gunfighters II - The Ladies£15.00

DMHR-BUKDead Man's Hand Rogue Buckshot Roberts£4.00

DMHR-DOCDead Man's Hand Rogue Doc Amos£4.00

DMHR-EFGDead Man's Hand Rogue Ely Fergus£4.00

DMHR-JBGDead Man's Hand Rogue John Bridges£4.00

DMHR-REVDead Man's Hand Rogue Reverend Johnson£4.00

DMHR-TEXDead Man's Hand Rogue Tex Miller£4.00

DMHR-WLDDead Man's Hand Rogue Wild Bill£4.00

Dead Mans Hand - Wargames Rules

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

BP1377Dead Man's Hand Rule book (includes DMH card deck and pop ou£22.00

BP1467Dead Man's Hand Down Under£12.00

BP1574The Curse of Dead Man's Hand £15.00

Rules of Engagement - Romanians

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

ROM005Romanian HMG£8.00

ROM006Romanian Mortar Team£8.00

ROM007Romanian Sniper Team£4.00

ROM010Romanian 75mm Resita ATG£14.00

ROM21Romanian Tacam T-60 Tank Destroyer£20.00

ROM22Romanian Tacam R-2 Tank Destoyer£20.00

Rules of Engagement - World War Two

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

BP1163Rules of Engagement£10.00

BP1250Operations and Objectives - Campaign Source Book £6.00

BP1271Armoured Assault£6.00

Rules of Engagement Miniatures - Battle for Berlin

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

BFB001Hitler Youth Anti-tank Team£8.00

The Chicago Way - The Chicago Way Miniatures

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

TCW-CIV-TRRTerrified Civilians£6.00

TCW-HYDRANTFire Hydrants£4.00

TCW004The Chicago Way Gangsters£20.00

TCW005The Chicago Way Moonshiners£20.00

TCW006The Chicago Way Police Officers£20.00

TCW007The Chicago Way Prohibition Agents£20.00

TCW008Cadillac V-8 Town Sedan£20.00

TCW010Police Wagon (Out of Stock)£20.00

TCW011Nash LaFayette Boxed Resin Car Set£20.00

TCW015Nash LaFayette Convertible£20.00

TCW021TCW - The Photographer£4.00

TCW029Miles Landers£4.00

TCW030Innocent Bystanders£4.00

TCW031 Bootlegger Still (Out of Stock)£8.00

TCW032The Chicago Way - Gas Pumps£4.00

TCW033Gangster B.A.R.'s£9.00

TCW034Moonshiner B.A.R.'s£9.00

TCW035Police B.A.R.'s£9.00

TCW036Agent B.A.R.'s£9.00

TCW-CAS-AGENTAgent Casualties£4.00

TCW-CAS-GANGGangster Casualties£4.00

TCW-CAS-MOONMoonshiner Casualties£4.00

TCW-CAS-POLTCW Police Casualties£4.00

The Chicago Way - The Chicago Way Rules

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

BP1517The Chicago Way Rule Book (includes TCW card deck and game m£22.00

TCW003TCW Driving template£8.00

Wargames Rules - Ancients

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

BP1501Sword and Spear 2nd Edition Rules£15.00

Wargames Rules - Cold War Gone Hot

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

BP1681Seven Days to the River Rhine£15.00

Wargames Rules - Fantasy

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

BP1575Sword & Spear Fantasy£15.00

Wargames Rules - World War Two

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

BP1503Iron Cross & TAC Deck£15.00

World War Two -

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

GEGBER101Bersaglieri Infantry Platoon Winter Uniform£35.00

GEGBUL001Bulgarian Infantry Platoon£35.00

GEGDAN001Danish Infantry Platoon£35.00

GEGDAN201Danish Motorcycle Group£40.00

GEGGER001German Infantry Platoon£35.00

GEGGER101Veteran German Platoon£36.00

GEGGER301Early War German Infantry Platoon£35.00

GEGGRK001Greek Evzones Platoon£35.00

GEGHUN001Hungarian Summer Platoon£36.00

GEGHUN101Hungarian Winter Platoon£36.00

GEGHUN201Mounted Hungarian Huszar Troop£35.00

GEGITA101Italian Infantry Platoon Winter Uniform£35.00

GEGROM001Romanian Infantry Platoon Summer Uniform£35.00

GEGROM101Romanian Winter Platoon£35.00

GEGSOV001Soviet Infantry Platoon Summer Uniform£32.00

GEGSOV101Soviet Veteran Platoon Winter Uniform£32.00

1914 - 1914

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity


NFTN0081914 German Brigade£35.00

NFTN0091914 British Brigade£35.00

NFTN0101914 French Brigade£35.00

NFTN0111914 Belgian Brigade£35.00