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France Internal Range - Revolt in Brittany and Vendee

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T-Chou06Vendean/ Chouan Characters bis£5.00

T-Fchou01Rebel Personalities£5.00

T-Fchou02Officer, Priest & Dame.£5.00

T-Fchou03Vendean/ Breton Rebels£5.00

T-Fchou04Vendean/ Breton Rebels. Muskets£5.00

T-Fchou08Chouan Casualties.£3.50

T-Fchou09Rebel Personalities II£5.00

T-Fchou11Representative of the People£2.00

T-Fchou12Chouans/ Vendeans with double-barrelled guns.£5.00

T-Fchou13The Haunted Vendean£1.75

T-Fchou14Vendean/ Chouan Musicians£5.00

T-Fchou15'The Chouan'£2.00

T-Fchou16Priest & Dame£3.50

T-Fchou17'Vendee on the March'£5.00

T-Fchou22Madame de Bulkeley£2.00


T-Fchou24Republican Cantiniere£2.00

T-Fchou25Mademoiselle Regrenil£3.50

Later French Revolutionary Wars (1796 1800) - Austrians

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T-AH96/01Austria-Hungary 1796- German infantry, marching£10.00

T-AH96/03Austria-Hungary, 1796- German infantry, firing line£10.00

T-AH96/06Austria-Hungary, 1796- German officers£7.50

T-AH96/08Austria-Hungary, 1796- artillery crew£7.50

T-AH96/11Hungarian Infantry, firing line£10.00

T-AH96/12Hungarian Inf. March/ Adv. £10.00

T-AH98/01Austria-Hungary 1798+ German infantry, marching£10.00

T-AH98/03 Austria-Hungary 1798- German infantry, firing line£10.00

T-AH98/09Andreas Hofer£1.75

T-AH98/10Tyrolean Landesschutzen£7.50

T-AH98/11Oberst Johann Frimont£3.50

T-AHC01Austrian Dragoons£10.00

Later French Revolutionary Wars (1796 1800) - British

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T-BA01British Long 3pdr.£5.00

T-BA02Artillery Train Driver£1.75


T-BA04Military Artificers£7.50

T-BA05Company of Military Artificers, Fighting mode.£5.00

T-BA06Military Artificers Command£3.50

T-BC04Scots Greys£10.00

T-BG01The Grand Old Duke of York£3.50

T-BG02General John Moore£3.50


T-BG04General Sir Ralph Abercromby£3.50

T-BG05Colonel Sir John Sinclair£2.50

T-Br01John Rattenbury. English Smuggler£1.75

T-Ir98/225th Bn, 60th Foot Command£5.00

T-Sc01Highland Officer, kilt£1.75

T-Sc02Highland officer, overalls£1.75

T-W01Jemima Nicholas, Welsh heroine£1.75

T-W02Welsh Peasant Couple£3.50

Later French Revolutionary Wars (1796 1800) - Caribbean

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T-Car-Pack ABlack Chasseur Company, round hats with plume£12.00

T-Car-Pack BBlack Chasseur Company, round hats with crests.£12.00

T-Car01British Officers£5.00

T-Car02Rebel Slave Casualties£3.50

T-Car03Slaves in Revolt with Fireaems£10.00

T-Car04Slaves in Revolt, Armes Blanches£5.00

T-Car05Chasseurs Des Irois£10.00

T-Car06Chasseurs (Ste Domingue)£10.00

T-Car07Haitian Infantry£7.50

T-Car08Haitian Infantry Command£5.00

T-Car09Cuban Chasseurs£7.50

T-Car09aBases for Cuban Chasseurs£2.50

T-Car10Haitian Infantry bis£7.50


T-Car12Austrian Deserters£10.00

T-Car13Polish Infantry£7.50

T-Car14French Dragoons, St. Dominque, 1802-03£10.00

T-Car17Royal-Etranger Fusiliers£7.50

T-Car18Vols. Blancos Santo Domingo£7.50

T-Car19Polish Infantry (Haiti) bis£5.00

T-Car20Black Sapper (British)£1.75

T-Car21Black General, St Dominque£3.50

T-Car22British Light Dragoons, tropical helmet£10.00

T-Car23Britsh Light Dragoon Command, tropical helmets (Out of Stock)£10.00

T-Car24French Sailors I£5.00

T-Car25Boukman, St Domingue Slave Revolt Leader£1.75

T-Car26Marie-Jeanne Lamartiniere, Slave revolt heroine£1.75

T-Car27Black Chasseur Drummers£3.50

T-Car28French Naval Officers£3.50

Later French Revolutionary Wars (1796 1800) - Equipment

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T-EQ06Large Casks (Anyone for sherry?)£5.00


T-EQ11Artillery Impedimenta£3.50

T-Eq01Ladder-Sided Waggon (inc team of 4 Horses)£20.00

T-Eq02Plank-sided Waggon (inc team of 4 horses)£20.00

T-Eq03Small Wheels (Diam. 24mm)£5.00

T-Eq04Large Wheels (Diam. 28mm)£5.00

T-Eq05Cart Horses (+ Traces)£6.50

T-Eq07British Artillery Wheels£5.00

T-Eq08Single Cart Horse + traces£3.50

Later French Revolutionary Wars (1796 1800) - French

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T-MCP03Napoleon, First consul, 1800£4.00

T-FA01 French Foot Artillery Crew£7.50

T-FA02 French Horse Artillery Crew£7.50

T-FA03 French Gribeauval 12 pdr£5.00

T-FA04 French Gribeauval 8 pdr£5.00

T-FA05 French Gribeauval howitzer £5.00

T-FA06 French Gribeauval limber£3.25

T-FA07French Gribeauval 4 pdr£5.00

T-FC01French Dragoons£10.00

T-FC02French Dragoon Command£10.00

T-FC03French Carabiniers£10.00

T-FC04French Cavalry£10.00

T-FC05French 8th Cavalry£10.00

T-FCG01 French Consular Garde£10.00

T-FCG02French Consular Garde Command£5.00

T-FLe01 French Legere, centre coys, in mirliton £10.00

T-FLe02 French Legere Elites, in bearskin £5.00

T-FLe03French Legere Command, Mirliton£5.00

T-FLe04 French Legere Elites, in shako £5.00

T-FLe05French Elite Legere Command in Shako£5.00

T-FLi01 French Ligne, marching/advancing£10.00

T-FLi02French Ligne, marching/advancing II £10.00

T-FLi03 French Ligne, firing line £10.00

T-FLi04 "Scruffy" French Ligne.£10.00

T-FLi05French Ligne Command£5.00

T-FLi07 French Ligne Elites in bearskin, marching/advancing£5.00

T-FLi08 French Ligne Elites in bearskin, firing line £5.00

T-FLi09 French Ligne, Elites, in plumed bicorns, marching/advancing£5.00

T-FLi10 French Ligne Elites, in plumed bicornes, firing line£5.00

T-FP07JOACHIM MURAT as ADC to GENERAL BONAPARTE 1796-9 (Out of Stock)£3.50

T-Fli11French Ligne Command bis£5.00

T-MCP01 General Brune £3.50

T-MCP02General Lecourbe£3.50

T-MCP04 General Humbert£3.50

T-SSP01Chef de Brigade Joachim MURAT£3.50

Later French Revolutionary Wars (1796 1800) - Hompesch Mounted Rifles

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T-BC001Hompesch Mounted Rifles£10.00

T-BC002Hompesch Officer£3.50

Later French Revolutionary Wars (1796 1800) - Hussars

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T-Hus01Hussar Officer£3.50

Later French Revolutionary Wars (1796 1800) - India

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T-Ind 01Bhisti (Water-carrier)£1.75

Later French Revolutionary Wars (1796 1800) - Irish Insurgents

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T-IR98/14More United Irishmen pikemen, standing.£7.50

T-IR98/21Irish Insurgent Casualties£3.50

T-Ir98/01Irish Insurgent with pikes£10.00

T-Ir98/02Irish Insurgents with muskets & blunderbusses£10.00

T-Ir98/03Irish Insurgent Command (Out of Stock)£5.00

T-Ir98/15More United Irishmen pikemen, advancing.£7.50

T-Ir98/19United Irish Mtd Leader£3.50

T-Ir98/24Wolf Tone, United Irish Leader£1.75

T-Ir98/25Joseph Holt£2.50

T-Ir98/26Michael Dwyer£2.50

Later French Revolutionary Wars (1796 1800) - Irish Militia

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T-BC003British Dragoon Guards£10.00

T-IR98/07Irish Militia II Firing Line.£5.00

T-IR98/23Monaghan Militia Light Company£7.50

T-Ir98/04Irish Militia£7.50

T-Ir98/05Highland Fencibles£7.50

T-Ir98/065th Bn, 60th Foot£7.50

T-Ir98/08Irish Militia grenadiers (bicornes)£5.00

T-Ir98/09Irish Militia, Londonderry Regt. Grenadiers£5.00

T-Ir98/10Irish Militia, Tyrone Regt. Lt. Co.£5.00

T-Ir98/11aIrish Yeomanry (Braided Jacket)£10.00

T-Ir98/11bIrish Yeomanry (Plastron-style jacket)£10.00

T-Ir98/12aIrish Yeomanry command (Braided Jacket)£10.00

T-Ir98/13Irish Yeomanry w/carbines (Braided Jacket)£10.00

T-Ir98/16Royal Irish Artillery Crew£5.00

T-Ir98/17Irish Militia Command£5.00

T-Ir98/18Irish Militia Mtd Officer£3.50

T-Ir98/20Irish Militia Casualties£3.50

T-Ir98/27Highland Fencibles Command£5.00

T-Ir98/28Irish Militia marching£5.00

T-Ir98/29Irish Yeomanry Marching£5.00

Later French Revolutionary Wars (1796 1800) - Lombardy Legion

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T-IT01Italian Armed Civilians£7.50

T-IT02Pasquale Paoli£1.75

T-IT03Barbet Leader£2.00

T-IT05Fra Diavolo£2.00

T-LL01Lombardy Legion marching £10.00

T-LL02Lombardy Legion advancing£10.00

T-LL03Lombardy Legion firing line£10.00

T-LL04Lombardy Legion Skirmishers£7.50

T-LL05Lombardy Legion officers£7.50

T-LL06Lombardy LGN Drum Major£1.75

T-LL07Lombardy Legion, artillery crew£7.50

T-LL08 Lombardy Legion Hussars£10.00

T-LL09Lombardy Legion, Hussars Command£10.00

Later French Revolutionary Wars (1796 1800) - North America

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T-NA01Tecumseh Shawnee Leader£2.00

T-NA02Black Hoof, Shawnee leader£1.75

T-NA03The formidable Mrs Merrill £1.75

T-NA04Red-headed Nance £1.75

T-NA05Shawnee casualties£3.50

T-NA06Little Turtle, Miami Chief.£2.00

T-NA07Simon Girty, Mingo Leader.£2.00

T-NA08William Wells + British Officer£3.50

Later French Revolutionary Wars (1796 1800) - Polish Legion

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T-POL 01Polish Legion CisAlp. Republic£5.00

T-POL 02Polish Legion Grenadiers£5.00

T-POL 03Polish Command£5.00

T-POL 04General of Division Jan Henryk Dabrowski£3.50

T-POL 05General of Brigade Antoni Kosinski£3.50

T-POL 06General Wielhorski£3.50

T-POL 07Polish ADC to GdeD£3.50

T-POL 08Polish ADC to GdeB£3.50

T-POL 09Polish Legions in Italy gun crew + sapper£7.50

Later French Revolutionary Wars (1796 1800) - Robert Emmet's Rebellion

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T-IR03/01Robert Emmet£1.75

T-IR03/02Dublin Constabulary£5.00

T-Ir03/02aBeadles/ Watchmen etc£5.00

Later French Revolutionary Wars (1796 1800) - Russians

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T-Ru03Russian Colonel (Mounted)£3.50

T-Rus07General Essen (Ivan Nikolayevich)£3.50

Musicians - Metal figures

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T-Mus 01Black Musicians£5.00

T-Mus 02Black Bass Drummer£2.00

T-Mus 03French Drum Major£2.00

T-Mus 04British Drum Major£2.00

T-Mus05Jingling Johnny£2.00

Newark Characters - 19th Century

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T-NC02Sir Stapleton Cotton£3.50

T-NC06Gonville Bromhead: Fact and Film£3.50

Newark Characters - English Civil War

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T-NC01Prince Rupert of the Rhine£3.50

T-NC03Sir Richard Byron£3.50

Newark Characters - Medieval

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

T-NC04Lady Godiva: Myth & Reality£5.00

T-NC05King John£3.50

T-NC07Friar Tuck & Maid Marian£3.25

T-NC09Sir John Savage£1.75

T-NC10King John (Bareheaded)£3.50

Newark Characters - World War Two

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T-NC08General Sikorski£1.75

Ottoman Empire - Equipment

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T-EQ09Jezails/ Middle Eastern muskets£3.50

Ottoman Empire - Ottoman Empire

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T-OTT04Janissaries I£7.50


T-OTT06Mounted Janissary Officer£4.00

T-OTT07Aga of Janissaries£4.00

T-OTT08Ottoman Gun Crew£5.00

T-OTT09Ottoman Field Gun£5.00

T-OTT10Ottoman Artillery Command£3.50

T-OTT12Humbaraci + Light Mortar£5.00

Trent SF - Russians

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T-TSC04Russian Boyars & Tatar Hetman£7.50

Trent SF - Science-Fiction

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T-TSC05Dwarf Wizards £7.50

T-TSF01Sci-Fi Fighters 1£10.00

T-TSF02Sci-Fi-Fighters 2£10.00

T-TSF03Sci-Fi Female Fighters£5.00