FGV128 - Sonancer & Apprentice

Frostgrave Wizards

Sonancers practice magic through the manipulation of sound and vibration. They
can capture and hold noise, enhance it, redirect it, and even destroy it. The one
thing they can’t do magically is create noise. For that reason, they always carry
numerous means of creating sound, principally musical instruments, from simple
clackers to the notoriously difficult nine-stringed cerute. Sonancers are often
craftsmen as well as magicians, and will devote themselves to the enhancement
of existing designs or the creation of one-of-a-kind marvels. They tend to dress
practically and, to the untrained eye, it is not always immediately obvious that
they are wizards. While no more martially inclined than the next wizard,
Sonancers typically favour light, one-handed weapons, which leave them a hand
free to make noise.

Two 28mm sized pewter figures, supplied unpainted.

Sonancer & Apprentice

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