FGV336 - Glass Spiders

Frostgrave Bestiary Creatures.

Designed by Malcor himself, the glass spiders were a small construct used to refill
wine-cups during the fabulous feasts held in the Great Hall. These constructs can
actually be found all over Frostgrave as they became a popular gift-shop item
among the many who toured the Collegium and museum back at its height.
About the size of a house cat, glass spiders consist of a hollow glass orb surrounded
by eight wooden and metal legs. Normally these little constructs are harmless.
However, the Wraith of Malcor has taken the ones still operating in the Collegium
and filled them with various acids and magic corrosives.

Three models. Suitable for use with 28mm sized figures, made of pewter, supplied unpainted. Needs assembling with glue.

Glass Spiders

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